Windows 11 Printer Fail Finally Gets a Fix

Windows 11 printer fail finally gets a fix but it is however too late. The nightmare Microsoft windows 11 printer issues have now been resolved for good this time.

Windows 11 Printer Fail Finally Gets a Fix

Windows 11 Printer Fail Finally Gets a Fix

Finally, Microsoft has marked a really infuriating printer bug as resolved and fixed. And those users who has being reportedly blocked from updating to windows 11 22H2 due to the compatibility problem will doubtless be pleased with the new update.

The Reported Bug Made Printers Revert To Their Default Settings

You might remember this troublesome bug that came up in late September 2022, forcing and making printers revert to their default settings. And by default, many of the important features to users were not available and we are talking about printing in duplex, higher resolutions, and even color which obviously could be a major stumbling block(s).

Microsoft Finally Has the Problem Marked As Resolved

The good news here is that as spotted by Neowin, Microsoft finally has the problem marked as resolved just a couple of days ago, November 18 to be precise. And in fact, these safeguard clocking devices which could easily run into this bug previously were removed a week ago thus allowing those machines to update to windows 11 22H2 although it could still take some time for the update to be effective.

What Microsoft Has To Say about the Fix

And at this point, any machine with a connected printer that falls prey to this bug should be able to on with upgrading successfully to 22H2 without having to wait. Microsoft also observed that:  “Any printer still affected by this issue should now get resolved automatically during upgrade to Windows 11, version 22H2.”


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