8 Best Santa Apps for 2022

Here I would be giving you the 8 Best Santa Apps for 2022. There are a lot of Santa apps with different purposes and there are available. Well, this article will let you know about some of them. All of these apps are available on our Google play store or Apple Store.

8 Best Santa Apps for 2022

8 Best Santa Apps for 2022

Tracking Santa

NORAD is the abbreviation for North American Aerospace Defense. This is a Santa tracking program established in the year 1995. This is the tracking program that tracks Santa where he goes all over the world as he delivers presents to all kids. This app also gives you the link to enjoy a countdown to Christmas Eve and also challenging games to play every day until Christmas Eve. With this app, you can also listen to Christmas music, watch videos, and read books. The upgrade of this tracking program has features like new games, music, and content that supports Radar chat.

Santa Spy Cam 3

This is a mobile and tablet application designed to bring an unmatched level of magic that will add to your Children’s holiday experience.

This is the most catching Santa app that allows children and adults to create photographs and videos that shows the moment of Santa and his elves having fun on a Christmas eve trip. This app shows a large library of high-quality footage of actors dressed up as popular Christmas characters that can be placed over whatever you choose to film.

Santa Photo App: The Photo Meister

This is the perfect Christmas photo app with a lot of fun and festive features. With this app, you can create a holiday collage theme and add special effects to your photos.

Christmas wallpaper 4K

These wallpapers have Christmas background wallpaper that gives you a good feeling of the Christmas season whenever you see them. These wallpapers are high-resolution images in full HD or 4K and you could see the full potential on super AMOLED screens. The app has a lot of Christmas wallpaper themes ranging from abstract and vintage designs. And features like Christmas gifts and Santa images.

Sweet Baby Girl Christmas 2

This is the best app for kids. This game focuses on Santa Claus and the North Pole. On this platform, Players are meant to decorate Santa’s workshop at the North Pole and can also complete activities such as decorating the Christmas tree, designing Santa’s outfit, and carving an ice sculpture.

On the platform, younger players would show how creative they are by choosing different hats, shirts, pants, shoes, and beard styles that would suit Santa Claus better.

Yasa Pet Christmas

You know how cute cats look. So imagine adding cats and Christmas. Wow, what a cute sight. This app is a digital dollhouse that allows players to explore as the cat family celebrates Christmas day. With this app, you can open presents, dress the cats up, set the family table, and do a lot of fun activities. This is gonna be more enjoyable for young kids who love fluffy cats.

ELF Yourself

Elf yourself is another and the best interactive family fun. This is an enjoyable app for all ages. All you have to do to bring the fun out of it is to add your face and the face of other four family members or friends, choose a dance and there you can enjoy your customized video. For more fun, share videos on your different social media platforms, or through email or text.

Some of the dances might need purchase but there are some dances. You choose to buy the dance one by one or get the 12-month season pass to unlock dances and remove ads.

Photo Fun

This is a really fun photo app that helps you to disguise yourself into whatever Christmas character you choose to be. It is really hard to tell if this is just an edited version because the photos look real. You can choose from a lot of Christmas-themed stickers. You could share these cute pictures with all your friends on your different social media platforms.

Voice and Video Call Santa App

You want to receive a message from Santa. Have you tried using the best Santa calling app? Luckily the app is available on the apple store and Google play store. The App has an in-built smartphone feature that gives children the privilege to call Santa’s voicemail, leave a message or check Santa’s doings.

This app makes the phone call real and entertaining to the children. This is exciting for kids as they believe they are in a real conversation with Santa. Parents can put in personal information to make it look like Santa. The app allows messages from Santa not just call as it provides three video messages from Santa and not just Santa only but even his elf.

You could upgrade to be able to take off video ads and use personalized names in Santa phone calls.


What is the most popular Santa Tracker?

The following are the most popular Santa tracker currently:

  • Portable North Pole app.
  • Google’s Santa Tracker App and Santa village.
  • NORAD Santa tracker app.
  • Alexa Santa tracker.
  • Jingle Kringle Texts from Santa.

Are there any Secret Santa Apps?

Is there any secret Santa app? Yes, there is. Elfster is a secret Santa generator, the number one holiday gift list, and a medium for gift exchange and many other fun social events. Friends and family can create their wishlists to make shopping easy all year.

What is the most reliable Santa Tracker?

The most reliable Santa Tracker is the NORAD tracks Santa which has been in operation for the past 60 years and is still the most popular way of watching the reindeer as they go around the globe. The NORAD app can log in and you can get a GPS location of Santa’s progress.

What is the alternative to Secret Santa?

The alternative to secret Santa is the play festive vouchers. This is a great way for people to get to know their workmates better. To be able to play: the traditional secret Santa where everyone needs to draw a name that matches someone’s name in the office. This is a way to get creative and create a special voucher for their recipient.

What is a good secret Santa Budget?

To plan for your Christmas budget, if you are flat broke you should think about baking cookies or giving out coupons for a night of babysitting. But you should know that secret Santa has a low price cap of about $10-$15 per gift.

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