Preorders for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Still Come with a $50 Credit

Preorders for the Samsung Galaxy S24 still come with a $50 credit. There are also other huge discounts on Samsung’s SmartTag 2, the DJI Pocket 2, mopping Roomba, and many more.

Preorders for the Samsung Galaxy S24 $50 Credit

Preorders for the Samsung Galaxy S24 $50 Credit

Samsung’s big reveal of the Galaxy S24 series is just around the corner, happening later today, January 17th. For those who’ve been following all the buzz and rumors and are already set on upgrading, there’s a sweet deal you might not want to miss. You can reserve your Galaxy S24 today without any payment, and as a bonus, you’ll get a $50 credit. This credit can be used for other Samsung devices or accessories when you make your purchase.

This Is the Last Day to Get This Offer

But remember, today is the last day to snag this offer. And it’s not clear if there will be any other preorder perks for the Galaxy S24, apart from Samsung’s usual trade-in deals. To get in on this deal, all you need to do is provide your name and email address. Then, you’ll get a unique link to place your order right after the announcement event. So, if you’re keen on upgrading to the Galaxy S24, this could be a great opportunity!

Samsung to Offer Separate Instant Credits

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S24 series is not just about the phone itself; they’re sweetening the deal with some attractive credits. On top of the $50 credit you get for reserving, Samsung is also throwing in instant credits of $25, $75, or $100, depending on which model of the Galaxy S24 you choose. It’s important to note that these credits can’t be used to reduce the cost of the phone, but they do offer a nice way to save on other Samsung gadgets like a new Galaxy Watch or a pair of Galaxy Buds.

What We Know From the Rumors So Far

From what’s been leaked and rumored, the Galaxy S24 might not be a massive leap in terms of hardware. However, the buzz is that Samsung is putting a big emphasis on AI this year. There’s talk about integrating a new generative AI into the device. For the full scoop on this and other potential features, you’ll have to catch the event stream tomorrow. It sounds like Samsung might have a few more surprises up its sleeve!



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