The Apple Vision Pro Features A ‘Guest’ Mode for Your Friends

The Apple Vision Pro features a ‘guest’ mode for your friends. With this new update, it simply means that your friends and members of your family will now be able to try the Vision Pro without making use of Optic ID.

Apple Vision Pro ‘Guest’ Mode

Apple Vision Pro ‘Guest’ Mode

Apple’s new Vision Pro headset is bringing a pretty handy feature to the table – the ability to share it with your friends and family. This isn’t a new concept in the world of headsets, but it’s great to see Apple jumping on the bandwagon. In a press release on Tuesday, Apple revealed that their headset will have a “guest user” option. This means someone who isn’t registered to the device can try out certain apps and experiences without the hassle of setting up a whole account.

How the New Guest Mode Works

It looks like guest users might get to skip the headset’s Optic ID step, which is usually how the device recognizes you by scanning your iris. Apple’s keeping the details under wraps for now, but they did mention that guests could peek into some app content, like viewing large photo attachments in Messages, even with the Settings app open. However, Apple’s drawing a line at certain things – no messing with Apple ID settings, Optic ID, passwords, Apple Pay, Persona, or health data for guests.

When Apple first dropped the news about the Vision Pro headset, they left us all guessing about whether and how you could share this $3,499 gadget. But then, 9to5Mac found clues of a “Guest Mode” in the visionOS software development kit last year. This mode would let you set up a password for friends or family to access the headset’s apps. Apple kept mum about this feature until now.

Other New Features of the Apple Vision Pro

In another cool update, Apple also confirmed the buzz about a travel mode. This feature is designed to keep visuals stable, so you can use the headset on a plane without any wonky visuals. And for entertainment, the Vision Pro is all set to offer 3D movies and experiences from Disney Plus, along with support for streaming giants like Amazon Prime Video, Paramount Plus, Peacock, and more. The launch date? Mark your calendars for February 2nd!



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