Owner of Rockstar Games Reportedly Fighting Remedy Entertainment over Its New R Logo

The owner of Rockstar Games reportedly fighting Remedy Entertainment over its new R logo. As per trademark disputes that are raised by Take-Two Interactive, having two ‘R’ logos could just be too confusing for consumers and clients.

Rockstar Games reportedly fighting Remedy Entertainment

Rockstar Games reportedly fighting Remedy Entertainment

So, here’s the latest drama in the gaming world: Remedy Entertainment, the brains behind the Max Payne and Alan Wake series, is in a bit of a pickle with Take-Two Interactive. The whole fuss? It’s about Remedy’s new “R” logo looking a bit too much like the logo of Rockstar Games, which is part of Take-Two.

RespawnFirst broke the news that Take-Two isn’t too happy with the trademark filings Remedy made in the UK and EU last year. They’re worried that people might get the logos mixed up. Remedy showed off their new “R” logo on April 14th, 2023, in a blog post, just a day after they applied for the trademark in the EU. They mentioned that the old logo’s bullet in the “R”, which was a nod to their Max Payne days, didn’t really match up with their broader range of games anymore.

Take-Two Thinks Remedy’s New Logo Might Confuse People

Now, Take-Two is stepping in, arguing that Remedy’s new logo might make people think it’s connected to Rockstar Games. It’s a classic case of “your logo looks too much like ours,” and it’s got the gaming community buzzing about what’s going to happen next. Stay tuned!

The saga between Remedy Entertainment and Take-Two Interactive over Remedy’s new “R” logo is getting more intricate. After their initial trademark application in the EU, Remedy went on to file trademarks in the UK on May 11th and the US on May 24th, with the US filings still waiting to be checked out.

Take-Two Filed a Suit Against Remedy’s Application in the EU

Take-Two, not missing a beat, filed their opposition against Remedy’s application in the EU on July 26th and followed up with the UK on September 12th. They didn’t really elaborate on why they’re objecting, but they brought in the Rockstar Games logo as part of their argument, hinting that the problem is both logos use the letter “R” pretty prominently.

Over in the EU, things have slowed down a bit. Both companies have asked for more time before this heads to court, extending the typical two-month “cooling off period.” Unless they figure things out themselves, the courtroom showdown won’t happen until at least September 7th, 2025.

The History Between Remedy and Take-Two

Given the history between Remedy and Take-Two, there’s a good chance they might sort it out before it gets to that. After all, Remedy sold the Max Payne rights to Take-Two back in 2004 and has worked with Rockstar Games on remaking the first two games in that series.

But if Take-Two decides to stick to their guns, they’ve got until November 6th, 2025 to bring more evidence to the table. Remember when Take-Two got Hazelight Studio to drop the name for It Takes Two right after it launched in 2021? Seems like they’re not new to this trademark tussle game.



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