Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Line Could Undergo A Significant Device Upgrade

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra line could undergo a significant device upgrade and it may be in the display department. Maybe the display could be upgraded all the way to a 144Hz refresh rate, who knows?

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Upgrade

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Upgrade

We still haven’t heard much in regards to the Samsung Galaxy S24 up to this point, but a new leak however points to a major display upgrade in the coming year as the Ultra model apparently will be fitted with displays that reportedly have a 144Hz refresh rate.

Source of the Reported Leak

This very rumor is coming from SamLover via SamMobile, which is one source that we have really not heard a lot of tips from in the past, so you should adjust your anticipation levels when it comes to this accordingly. This might not even come to pass, but this also is an upgrade that makes a lot of sense for Samsung and its top-tier phone.

And as of this moment, all three Samsung Galaxy S23 handsets boast screens with an impressive 120Hz refresh rate, so this would be a major step up in regard to the numbers albeit not one that would be massively noticeable when you are utilizing the devices.

Other Rumored Specs

The refresh rate of a smartphone display as you should know affects how fast it refreshes. It’s as simple as that. The higher the number, the smoother all of your animations, videos, page scrolling, games, and other is going to appear. This is one aspect of a spec that differentiates high-end handsets from budget phones.

We however have some other predicted specs from the very same source as well. Some of the rumored specs are things we have heard before. One of them is that the Galaxy S24 phones will apparently be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, which as you should know matches up with a rumor prior to this.

The S24 Ultra apparently will stick to the very same 200MP main camera sensor such as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, although with some improvements included. Satellite connectivity which is available on the iPhone 14 is also rumored to be among the expected specs.

Will There Be a Samsung Galaxy S24

This is one very important question. But if you are not new to the phone market, then you should have n idea as to the answer to that question. As of now, and if everything goes according to plan, there will be a Samsung Galaxy S24 device.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup will be the regular flagships for Samsung for the first half of 2024 and it will take the reins from the Galaxy S23 series as the main heavy hitters in the portfolio of the smartphone giant.



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