The Galaxy S24 Will Not Be Replacing Google with Bing

The Galaxy S24 will not be replacing Google with Bing regardless of the various rumors regarding the device prior to this. With that being said, the flagship device will be sticking with Google just as its predecessors.

Galaxy S24 Replacing Google

The Galaxy S24 Will Not Be Replacing Google with Bing

After rumors that Samsung may just be switching the search engine of its in-house browser app from Google to Bing perhaps sometime and just in time for the Galaxy S24, a new report has now suggested that the rumored change will not be happening anymore, which at this point is no doubt a huge relief to Google.

This news as you should know is coming from the Wall Street Journal via The Verge. And just like the earlier rumor stipulated, there is not a whole lot of information to go off with. The WSJ as you should know stated that an internal review into whether Samsung should abandon Google in favor of Bing has now been suspended, with the company apparently worried about the disruption for its users as well as souring its longtime relationship with Google.

The Negative Aspects of Any Potential Switch

Those clear negative aspects of any potential switch by the company made it quite inconceivable in the initial stance, although it kind of sounds as though Samsung was pondering about it, perhaps is being impressed by the quick rollout of various Bing AI features.

Another factor to consider in all of this development is that we are referring to Samsung’s very own internet browser app as Google would still very much be the front and center in Chrome for Android. Nevertheless, The move in question would have made many headlines if it were to go through.

We already know that Google actually pays Apple to be the default search engine in Safari which is one arrangement that is easier to accept for Apple as it does not have its own search engine. Google in turn profits in billions via ad revenue that is run through searches on iOS and indeed on Samsung handsets and devices.

Will the Move Still Happen In The Future

All of that being said, the Wall Street Journal cites “people familiar with the matter” as stating that Samsung “isn’t permanently closing the door” on whether it should switch to Bing in the future, so executives of Google might as of yet have some work to do on their hands.

One of the many ways in which OpenAI and ChatGPT have changed the tech landscape and infrastructure is by giving Microsoft an intelligent chatbot that can return better search results in certain types of situations. Google has ever since then plugged its very own Bard chatbot into several products, and this is including its flagship web search engine.

How the Move Will Affect Google and Publishers

That simply means that in future years, we might get to be spending less time opening up a web browser and then typing out our queries, and more time interacting with a bot in order to get the information that we are looking for. That in turn is very much likely to impact advertising revenues – both for Google as well as for web publishers.



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