Microsoft’s Bing AI Chatbot Is Causing Google Some Serious Problems

Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot is causing Google some serious problems by tempting users from one of the most used search engine platforms (Google search). The AI chatbot race is now currently in full swing.

Microsoft’s Bing AI Chatbot Is Causing Google Some Serious Problems

Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot Is Causing Google Some Serious Problems

Microsoft has now pushed hard and fast to get the ‘new and improved’ AI-powered Bing out there to users and consumers alike and it seems like all of that hard work and light badgering of users, of course, may just have paid off. And as of now, it seems Bing is gaining new users while Google on the other hand is seeing a small drop in its user base.

Microsoft Has A 16% in Page Visits Since Bing Launched Its ‘New Bing’ Experience

Microsoft according to Reuters,  is seeing an increase of about 16% in page visits ever since Bing launched its very own ChatGPT-powered ‘new Bing’ experience. Microsoft in the early parts of this month confirmed that it has now reached an estimated 100 million active users and that number is very much likely to continue in an upward momentum as more people get comfortable with or at least cautiously acquainted with AI chatbots.

Microsoft Launched the Enhanced Bing in Early February

Microsoft in the early parts of February launched the enhanced Bing and has since then seen a 15.8% boost in its page visits according to the data, which could however suggest a sliver of success in the painstaking journey of Microsoft in trying to pull users away from Google and its absolute dominance in the search engine industry.

Google’s Recent Drop in Numbers

Reuters however points out that the drop in the numbers of Google is about 1% for the same time period and that is obviously not a huge hit, but it does represent a significant number of people given the huge popularity of Google. We can get to see this trend in terms of mobile downloads also, with the Bing app seeing eight times more downloads in contrast to pre-GPT times, while Google’s on the other hand dropped by 2%.



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