Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ Now on Preorder – Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ Features

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ is now available on Preorder. Ever since the beginning of this year, Samsung has been talking about their latest Galaxy SmartTag Plus gadgets. When Samsung first talked about it, the launch date was stated to be coming soon. But now, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ is now available on preorder, with an available date to be expected on April 12, 2021. This date is only one week away.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ Now on Preorder

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ Now on Preorder

When the Plus version was originally announced, it was stated that a single device would cost about $39.99. This price appears to be very accurate as the preorder listing on BHPVideo is $39.99. The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus that is now available for Pre-order is currently only in black color. It sells for $10 more than the Standard Galaxy SmartTag.

For an extra $10, the Plus version would allow tracking via UWB and supports AR location. It makes use of Bluetooth 5.0, giving a 394-foot tracking range when making use of Bluetooth alone. It interfaces with an interesting SmartThings app and it enables the tracking of objects or pets making use of a Galaxy Phone. The app and tag provide an audible tone in other to help track down the items that are missing.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ Features

The Samsung’s SmartTag Plus is now running off a replaceable watch battery that is good for up to five months, this means that you would not be able to take it off the object when you are tracking for charging. The augmented reality with UWB functionality makes use of the built-in camera on the smartphone in other to display its immediate area on the screen of the phone. It overlays the position navigation data with UWB at the top of the image, making it a lot easier to navigate to your missing object or pet.

When it is not in range, the Galaxy Find network leverages other devices that you own and other people to aid you in helping you find your device. As the SmartTag Plus leaves the range of your device and other Galaxy devices, its location is recorded on that device, letting users know its last known position that is on the map.

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