The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Might Be Getting a Neglected Camera Upgrade

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra might be getting a neglected camera upgrade finally. The reported and rumored upgrade will mean a very big boost for zoon shots. All we now have to do is to wait and hope that this very rumor is genuine.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Camera Upgrade

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Camera Upgrade

Samsung’s Ultra line as you should know is arguably known for its excellent cameras above anything else, and with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra at the moment sitting in the top spot of the best camera phone rankings, and if it is that a new camera leak is right, then there is every chance that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could be on its way to take its place.

For tech company Samsung to safely keep the top spot with one of its phones, it will however need to make some camera upgrades, which is something that it can sometimes seem very reluctant to do,  with the only substantial upgrade ever since the Galaxy S21 Ultra being to the main snapper. But with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in question, another sensor might be getting a big boost.

Other Leaks and Rumors by This Leaker Regarding the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

This news in question is according to reliable leaker @UniverseIce, who recently posted on X that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will be having a 50MP telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom. That in question is in place of a 10MP sensor that the previous three models have made use of.

So simply in regards to megapixels that sounds like a really huge upgrade, although of course there is plenty more to a camera than just its megapixel count. Still, we would however be surprised if this was not a superior sensor to the present one, since otherwise, it would just be an odd change to be making in the first place.

What It Means For This Rumor to Be Genuine

If this is true, then this news is really great just because we would wager that people do get a lot of use of mid-length zoom lenses such as his one. So on a premium phone just like the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra device, then they should be able to take high-quality photos.

And just like many other rumors and leaks, we would make his very one with a pinch of salt. And while @Universelce is a reputable source they have prior to this said that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra would be sticking with the same 3x telephoto sensor just as the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Camera Leaks Surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Camera leaks surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in fact have been all over the place, with a wealth of backtracking as well as contradictory sources, so it is kind of hard to really get a clear picture as to what to expect.

One source, for instance, claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra would be having a variable zoom lens, but then later stated that plans for a variable zoom lens had been dropped, and the 10x zoom on the Galaxy S24 Ultra would only get to see “minor improvements”, with the other lenses in question remaining the same just as on the S23 Ultra.

Yet another source has stated that the main camera of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will sport a huge 1-inch sensor. But no other sources in question have echoed this very rumor, and that very claim is at odds with other camera leaks.

Take This Rumor with a Pinch of Salt

But all in all, this really is an unusual state of affairs, as it is really rare to see this many incorrect or contradictory leaks. But the upshot here is that we would take any Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera leaks with a serious side of salt for the time being.



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