MainOne Partners With Akwa Ibom Government for Improved Connectivity

MainOne partners with Akwa Ibom government for improved connectivity. The company, MainOne, a company owned by Equinix that offers data centers and connectivity solutions in West Africa, has partnered with the Akwa Ibom state government to offer fast internet connections.

MainOne Partners With Akwa Ibom Government

MainOne Partners With Akwa Ibom Government

MainOne, a subsidiary of Equinix that provides data centers and connectivity solutions in West Africa, has reached an agreement with the Akwa Ibom state government to establish high-speed internet connections.

As part of this agreement, MainOne plans to construct approximately 140 kilometers of metro fiber infrastructure to enhance digital connectivity across the entire South-South region.

This initiative follows the landing of the 2Africa submarine cable system at Qua Iboe Beach in Akwa Ibom, which connects the state and other underserved regions of Nigeria to Europe, Asia, and other parts of Africa.

The 2Africa cable system, with a massive capacity of 180 terabits per second, will support the expansion of 4G, 5G, and fixed broadband access, fostering digital transformation across various sectors of Nigeria’s economy.

MainOne’s Challenges Due To a Damaged Submarine Cable

Recently, MainOne faced challenges due to a damaged submarine cable, causing internet outages in parts of Africa. However, the company swiftly restored services and facilitated regional interconnection to maintain stability in the digital ecosystem of West Africa.

MainOne Data Center in Lagos State

In addition to its efforts in Akwa Ibom, MainOne opened a new data center in Lagos State in April 2022. This facility provides customers with access to a diverse ecosystem of telecom operators, global networks, financial services firms, and content providers in West Africa, enhancing connectivity across Nigeria.

Nigeria’s Significant Growth in Digital Adoption in Recent Years

Nigeria has experienced significant growth in digital adoption in recent years, with mobile network access playing a pivotal role. To further expand internet access, the Ministry of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy launched ‘Project 774 LG Connectivity’ in February 2024.

This initiative aims to connect all 774 Local Government Secretariats in Nigeria to the Internet, promoting inclusive development and enhancing digital infrastructure even in remote areas.

Nigeria’s Internet User Penetration as of 2022

As of 2022, Nigeria’s internet user penetration was over 38%, with an estimated user base exceeding 83 million, indicating the country’s growing digital landscape and the importance of initiatives like Project 774 LG Connectivity in bridging the digital divide.



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