Agra Innovate West Africa Exhibition 2022

Something huge is coming up on the 6th and  7th  of December 2022. Agra Innovate Exhibition 2022 is here again with lots of goodies packed.Agra Innovate Exhibition 2022

Do you also know you can grow your Agribusiness network at the Agra Innovate 2022? What are you waiting for then? Prepare yourself to be in attendance of this great event.

Agra Innovate Exhibition 2022

Alliance for Green Revolution (AGRA) is one of the biggest agricultural trade fair in South East Europe. It is organized under the Ministry of Agriculture, food and forestry that features free seminars on Agribusiness.

This 29th edition, Agra is deliberate on the development of the Agricultural sector particularly to farmers. This is because of the opportunity to get informed about new products and services, to purchase equipment and inventory and exchange ideas and experience.

AGRA is supporting an innovative effort called the African Fertilizer Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP), which also includes the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC), the African Development Bank (AfDB), and the Agricultural Market Development Trust—Africa (AGMARK).

It seek to bind together regional policymakers, private sector leaders and serious buyers in the agricultural sector. This year’s edition will be situated at Landmark, Plot 2&3 Water Corporation Road Victoria Island Annex Et-Osa Oniuru, Lagos Nigerian. Come prepared for a transformation!

Objectives of Agra Innovate Exhibition 2022

Agra Innovate has existed for over eight years with objectives such as ; creating opportunities that will boost the agricultural sector of African countries. It also includes the readiness to invest and also support smallholder farmers adapt to the effects of climate change.

Another objective is to work closely with African governments to help them access platforms for mobilizing resources. This will help them to push their commitment to transform their food systems forward. Also, it will translate them into concrete strategies and action.

They also catalyse inclusive and sustainable Agriculture transformation that seeks to  uphold smallholder agriculture into a highly productive, efficient, competitive and sustainable system.

Benefits of Agra Innovate Exhibition

Quality in Produce

Agra Innovation is a way of sensitising the farmers on new produce and how to improve their livelihood. Holding of free seminars and campaign has enabled lots of small and large scale farmers to set target in improving the quality of their produce, etc however, much efforts need to be encouraged towards agricultural projects for transformation .

Increased access to Fertilizers to Aid Farmers Double their Yield

According to the AGRA analysis, substantial efforts are made to help rural agrodealers stock more fertilizers hence, enabling smallholder farmers to acquire additional tons of fertilizer.

The goal is also to develop new fertilizer production, storage and retail operations, with an initial focus on providing additional  tons of fertilizer

Financial Security

There are farmers who lack adequate finance to sponsor their livelihood hence they diminish in the return of their goods. Agra Innovation has granted loans to promising farmers with little or no interest and has seen great improvement in their agribusiness.

This is a great advantage of Agra Innovation: financial security which cuts across all local and modern farmers either by granting loans, sponsoring their tools, seeds, lands, etc.


Does Agra promote the use of Genetically Modified Seeds (GMO)?

These are seeds which DNA have been modified to either resistance of herbicides, pesticides, etc and may cause grievous harm to the consumer; cancer, allergies, environmental issues, etc, is used for planting.

Agra has never and will never promote the use of GMO for planting, rather they support conventional breeding which enable farmers provide input on the outcome via crop selection.

Are there improvement since Agra was set up?

Agricultural Innovation provides an opportunity to solve the challenges in the different value chains (i.e., production, processing, distribution, and marketing), eliminate waste, support sustainable development, increase productivity, create decent jobs, and reduce poverty.

There has been great improvement since Agra was formulated. A total of 10.16 million farmers reached out for financial support have all improved in their seedlings, inorganic fertilizers, improved technologies, organic fertilizers and others have access to formal financial services.

Agra was not static with their goal to catalyzing sustainable agriculture development across most west African countries like Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia.

How does Agra approach support healthy and diverse farming?

Over 600 crop varieties are now being grown by farmers across AGRA focus and neighboring countries. These include cereals (maize, rice, sorghum, millets, wheat, teff), legumes (beans, soybean, ground nuts, cow peas), roots and tubers (cassava, yams, sweet potatoes), and bananas.

Agra’s approach optimizes the agronomic use of the applied nutrients in improving crop productivity, reducing cost and minimizing environmental effects.

What is the Criteria to join Agro innovation?

There are criteria required before becoming a member of this family. These criteria include;

  • Business must be between 6-48 months.
  • Be an early-stage startup with a minimum viable product.
  • Be a registered for-profit business operational in Nasarawa State.
  • Solution alignment with agricultural supply chain efficiency in Nasarawa State.
  • Age of founder (18-35)

Is Agra Innovation, a non-profit organisation?

Yes, Agra Innovation is a funded non-profit organisation by Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and Rockefeller Foundation. It was founded to create awareness on food insecurity and poverty in African countries. He unds regional and national companies that develop these proprietary technologies.



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