A New Data Center Has Been Opened In Spain by SiteGround

A new data center has been opened in Spain by SiteGround. You should also note that this is the seventh global data center and fourth in Europe for SiteGround.

A New Data Center Has Been Opened In Spain by SiteGround

A New Data Center Has Been Opened In Spain by SiteGround

The company announced last June (SiteGround which is a web hosting service) that it has now opened a new data center in Madrid Spain. With that being said, it simply means that this is the seventh data center opened by the web hosting service in the world and also the fourth in Europe.

It is very important that when you are selecting a data center to host your website, you should choose one that is closer to the location or place where the majority of web traffic emanates from. And due to this, the new data center set up by this company will serve people that get their traffic mostly from Europe best and in particular Portugal, Andorra and most importantly spin or any other nearby locations.

Existing customers that have shared a cloud hosting plan with the web hosting company SiteGround can now request a relocation of their data to the new data center by going to client area >marketplace > hosting service > hosting relocation.

What SiteGround Has To Say About This Development

‘Throughout the years, we’ve been growing our data center network by adding new geographical locations,’ a product technology and lead at SiteGround, Daniel kanchev cited in a blog post. ‘From now on all new accounts of our Spanish customers will be created by default in our Madrid data center.’

SiteGround Also Expanded Their Content Delivery Network  

The company in addition to the data center also expanded its content delivery network platform and service in Spain. A CDN as you should know already is a group of servers that work together as a unit to deliver the content of a website quickly to the visitors of the website.

The expansion of SiteGround of their CDN in Spain makes sure that the website load times for people all over the globe are brought down to a minimum whenever they are trying to get access to content that is hosted out on the new data center in Spain.


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