How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Not Streaming in 4K

How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Not Streaming in 4K is a solution the prime users need. If you are an Amazon Prime Video Subscriber, you would be offered access to an abundance of shows and movies bundled together alongside other amazon prime perks.

How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Not Streaming in 4K

Much like Netflix or HBO Max, Amazon Prime is now offering streaming in 4K quality, and now, there are tons of titles to choose from. In theory, all that is needed is for you to launch the app on your device of choice.

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How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Not Streaming in 4K

However, it is not always that easy. Have you launched your favorite movie on Amazon Prime video only to find that it is not streaming in 4k? that can be really frustrating, don’t worry, there are several things that you can do to get this issue fixed.

There is no need for you to give up and settle for many lower-quality videos. We would be guiding you through tracking down this issue, which ranges from making sure that the title can be accessed in 4K to checking whether the issue might be on your end. Once you can determine the issue, you are just some steps away from a fix.

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Make sure the Content is Available in 4K

You need to be sure that not all Amazon Prime Video titles are available in 4K quality. Older movies and shows often do not format, and even some much newer flicks would still remain unavailable for a variety of reasons which range from licensing to technical difficulties. As a result, your titles of choice might look less-than-perfect, not due to a fault on Amazon’s end, but simply because that title might not be supported on 4K to begin with.

Amazon has come up with a list of titles that are available in 4K, so checking for the one you trying to watch should not be that hard. you can see all the 4K offerings by heading over to the official Amazon website.

The list is not that intuitive in the sense that it cannot check for specifics within the results as this is not very intuitive in the sense that you are not able to check for specifics within the results as this is already a narrowed-down list. However, you can choose to also simply type in the title of your movie or show it into the search bar above to check if it is available on Prime Video and in 4K.

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Check your Internet Connection

If the title of your choice is available in 4K, one major because of it not streaming in 4K is the internet connection. Streaming in 4K is now more demanding compared to streaming in 1080p or less, so if you are consistently not getting the results you were hoping for, check if your connection is up to the task.

Amazon itself now requires a high-speed internet connection of at least 15 Mbps for streaming in 4K. If you are on broadband, you almost certainly have it, but mobile connections can struggle to meet that requirement.

Check Whether your device Supports 4K

Like all the internet connections can handle 4k streaming, not every device can offer you 4K quality. Amazon calls for an “ultra-HD TV with at least one HDMI input that supports HDCP 2.2 content protection standards.” This requirement also applies to the remaining part of your home theater setup, and it includes sound bars and HDMI receivers. If you are watching on another device, like a laptop or a mobile phone, the odds might be stacked against you.

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Reinstall the Amazon App

Assuming both your device and your connection are fine, the problem might be with Amazon. One way to make sure that everything is working on your end is to simply reinstall the Amazon Prime Video app. Steps to do this would vary from device to device. Have it at the back of your mind that you might have to contact amazon Prime directly to receive personalized customer support.

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