Amazon Prime Subscription Just Added a New Benefit Before Prime Day

Amazon prime subscription just added a new benefit before Prime day as Grubhub joins the amazon prime family.

Amazon Prime Subscription Just Added a New Benefit Before Prime Day

Amazon Prime Subscription Just Added a New Benefit Before Prime Day

If you are an amazon prime subscriber and you are based in the US, then you just got eligible for a new benefit and it just might be that you don’t know about it yet. Amazon is now giving its prime members a year of free Grubhub plus ahead of the company’s prime day sales set to kick off on July 12 to July 13.

And in order to get access to this new benefit, you will have to go to on your internet-enabled device. You also must be an amazon prime subscriber. On the webpage, you will then have to follow up with the activation process and then you will start enjoying access to a whole year of Grubhub plus for free.

Amazon Prime Members in the UK Also Can Benefit From the Program

For subscribers in the UK, you don’t have to miss out on anything too in regards to free food delivery as Amazon has already had a similar feature and offer in place for Deliveroo plus. To get access to the offer, go to And as an amazon prime subscriber, you will get access to a complete one year of free delivery on all your orders above 25 pounds as well as access to exclusive discounts and rewards at selected restaurants.

The Deliveroo plus and Grubhub plus benefits join an already impressive lineup of benefits that come with being an amazon prime member and this includes free access to amazon prime videos best shows, and a free library of eBooks for kindle with prime reading, free delivery on amazon deliveries and many more.

What Is Grubhub

What is Grubhub and what does it do? For those persons who do not know what Grubhub is, here is a short preview of it. Grubhub is a food delivery service and platform that is available and works across the whole United States in bringing foods from your favorite restaurants to your doorstep.

Grubhub Benefits and How It Works

As a member of Grubhub plus, you will get access to free delivery on your takeout orders although there are certain rules and regulations that you will have to follow in order to take part in this benefit. You will first have to order food that costs more than $12 and also the restaurant from which you are ordering must be part of the Grubhub plus network. You should also know that you cannot order alcoholic products with free delivery even if you are ordering them from a Grubhub plus partnered restaurant.

And even though your order does not benefit from the free delivery benefit, there are other exclusive benefits and discounts that you can unlock and access as a member. You will also get elite care benefits as priorities in the event that there are any issues with your food that you need to resolve. Grubhub also will match any type of donation made by any of its members to any of its supported charities.

And while Grubhub plus is generally a great piece of service for people that eat takeout on a regular, getting access to a full year of it for free is all worth it regardless of how often you make use of the benefit or service.


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