Makers of Windows Laptops Fear the M2 MacBook

Makers of windows laptops fear the M2 MacBook. The Mac laptop is back as apple finally nailed it this time.

Makers of Windows Laptops Fear the M2 MacBook

Makers of Windows Laptops Fear the M2 MacBook

Hopes were very high for the newly released apple M2 chip. But however rival companies are keeping tabs on the success of the laptop over fears that it could leave a dent in the profits of Intel-powered Windows laptops.

And as reported by MacRumors, this piece of information is coming from sources in the industry as per Digitimes who also claim that the present generation of MacBooks is within the right performance and price finally to begin drawing the attraction of those persons that were previously not interested in buying a mac system.

What the Report from Digitimes Claim

The report from Digitimes claims ‘A Wintel [Windows laptops powered by Intel] brand vendor pointed out that at a price point of US$1,000-$1,500, the MacBook Air will crowd out other high-end notebooks. Upgrades to the M2 processor, camera lens, and casing put the slight price increase of the new MacBook Air within an acceptable range for consumers.’

The comparison in pricing is something that people have major concerns about since the previous M1-powered MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro were released in 2020. And for the sake of comparison, the 2020 dell XPS 15 2020 sold out for $1,299 during its release for a 10th generation Intel core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and lastly a 256GB SSD.

The Effect of the Release of the M2 MacBook on the M1 MacBook

The M1 MacBook Air meanwhile was initially priced at $999 upon release and now this is expected to drop now that the M2-powered successor has been released. With that being said, you should also know that this development now put similarly priced windows alternatives in trouble in the event that they cannot offer or compete with what Apple has to offer.

Also, there is concern about the current economic crisis that is facing the markets in the west as it will cause the figures of sales to drop as inflation and the cost of living continues to go on the rise. This however will not just affect the sale of Intel-based hardware as many people are quite unlikely to buy expensive pieces of tech in hard times.


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