Kresge Artist Fellowships 2024 in USA (Up to $40,000 awards) – APPLY NOW

Good news for Artists in Metro Detroit, The Kresge Artist Fellowships 2024 edition is here, a golden opportunity for creative minds to flourish.

Kresge Artist Fellowships 2024 in USA
Kresge Artist Fellowships 2024 in the USA

The Kresge Artist Fellowships program is sponsored by The Kresge Foundation and administered by Kresge Arts in Detroit.

Kresge Artist Fellowships Categories

Depending on the proportion of submissions received in each category: Live Arts and Film & Music. The Fellowships and Gilda Awards will be split between the two groups. Each category has the following disciplines:

  • Live Arts: This includes dance, Performance Art, Playwriting, Storytelling, Choreography, Comedy, Interdisciplinary Work and Theatre Directing.
  • Film & Music: For those enchanted by the magic of the screen and the rhythm of sound, the Film & Music category offers avenues in Film Directing, Music Composition, Animation, Music Performance, Screenwriting, Interdisciplinary Work and Sound Art.


The Kresge Artist Fellowships 2024 comprise 35 prestigious awards, reflecting the Kresge Foundation’s commitment to fostering artistic brilliance.

Among these, 25 Fellowships, each valued at an impressive $40,000, come with no strings attached, allowing artists the freedom to channel their creativity without constraints.

In addition, 10 Gilda Awards, each a $5,000 unrestricted prize, await emerging artists in the tri-county area.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Applicants must be current legal residents of Oakland, Wayne County or Macomb
  • Have resided in the tri-county area for at least two years preceding the application deadline (January 18, 2022–January 18, 2024)
  • Candidates must have the Intention to remain a resident of the tri-county area throughout the Kresge Artist Fellowships 2024 (July 2024–July 2025)

Ineligible Candidates:

The following individuals are ineligible:

  • Students pursuing any degree at the time of application
  • Individuals planning to commence a degree-granting program during the fellowship year (July 2024–July 2025), except for ABD (all but dissertation) status PhD candidates
  • Kresge Eminent Artist Award recipients
  • Not eligible to apply or participate include current Kresge Artist Fellowship panellists, staff members of Kresge Arts in Detroit and The Kresge Foundation
  • The Fellowship program is also not available to immediate family members of any of the above-mentioned individuals.

Selection Criteria:

The selection process is guided by specific criteria including:

  • A demonstrated track record of artistic achievement and high-quality work is the cornerstone of fellowship selection.
  • The potential for growth and advancement in the artist’s career.
  • The capacity to reflect, enhance, or impact communities within metro Detroit.

How to Apply

All applications for Kresge Artist Fellowships 2024 must be submitted by the specified deadline below.

Visit the College for Creative Studies for detailed application instructions and further information via this link


January 18, 2024, is the closing date for Kresge Artist Fellowships 2024.



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