International Travel Support by Science and Engineering Research Board – Apply Now

SERB, the Science and Engineering Research Board in India, is committed to fostering research and innovation across diverse fields. It provides vital support to scientists and engineers. International travel is essential for professionals in science and engineering, offering opportunities to broaden their knowledge, collaborate with global peers, and stay informed about the latest advancements.

International Travel Support by Science and Engineering Research Board
International Travel Support by Science and Engineering Research Board

SERB’s backing for international travel opens doors to global perspectives, allowing researchers to embrace new opportunities and insights.


Understanding the deadlines is crucial for prospective applicants. Researchers seeking International Travel Support from SERB should take note of this Open Deadline.

Grant Recipients

The International Travel Support (ITS) Scheme offers financial aid to Indian researchers presenting research papers at international scientific events held abroad, including conferences, seminars, and workshops.

Grant Benefits

Securing a grant from SERB unlocks a range of advantages for scientists and engineers. These benefits enrich the research experience in science and engineering. Key aspects of SERB grant benefits include:

  • Financial Assistance: SERB grants provide substantial financial support, easing the economic challenges tied to research. This aid covers airfare, accommodation, and essential expenses related to international travel.
  • Global Exposure: Beyond financial aid, SERB grants offer invaluable international exposure. Supporting travel to conferences, collaborations, or foreign research institutions, these grants cultivate a global perspective, fostering cross-cultural interactions and knowledge exchange.
  • Networking Opportunities: A notable advantage of SERB grants is the chance to build and expand professional networks. Researchers can connect with peers, experts, and institutions worldwide, creating foundations for potential collaborations and partnerships.
  • Professional Growth: SERB grants contribute to researchers’ professional development by enabling them to showcase their work on international platforms, receive diverse feedback, and stay abreast of the latest advancements in their fields.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Promoting the exchange of ideas and methodologies, SERB grants empower researchers to actively engage in conferences, workshops, and collaborative projects, contributing to and benefiting from the collective knowledge of the global scientific community.
  • Enhanced Research Visibility: By supporting international travel, SERB grants elevate the visibility of researchers and their work on a global scale. This heightened exposure can lead to recognition, collaboration invitations, and additional opportunities for scientific contributions.
  • Advancing Scientific Progress: Ultimately, SERB grants extend benefits beyond individuals, playing a vital role in propelling scientific progress. By enabling active participation in global scientific discourse, contributing to collaborative projects, and introducing diverse perspectives, these grants contribute significantly to scientific innovation.

Grant Amount

This program covers round-trip economy class airfare via the shortest route, including airport tax and visa fees for attending the designated event. Young scientists (Age < 35 on the event start date) will receive the actual registration fee or a maximum of Rs. 50,000, whichever is lower, in addition to the mentioned support. Reimbursement is based on the actual expenses incurred by the applicant within the scheme’s guidelines.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for this scheme:

  • The applicant must be an active Indian researcher involved in research and development at recognized academic institutions or research laboratories in India.
  • A valid invitation to present an original scientific paper is required. For young scientists attending training programs like short-term courses, summer/winter schools, workshops, etc., a similar invitation is necessary.
  • The applicant should not have received financial assistance under this scheme in the past three years.
  • The scientific event should have an international scope. Personal invitations for activities such as post-doctoral work, informal training programs, courses, internships, observer-ships, etc., will not be eligible for support.
  • The applicant must have obtained a Master’s degree in Science or a Bachelor’s degree in professional courses from a recognized university at the time of application submission.


It’s crucial to be aware of factors that might render an application ineligible. Common reasons for ineligibility may include incomplete documentation, lack of a valid invitation or acceptance from an international conference or institution, or failure to meet the specified eligibility criteria.

Application Process

To apply successfully online, please follow these steps:

  • Register on the online website
  • After logging in, navigate to Menu –> Proposal Submission –> Form Submission –> Select the scheme and commence filling out the form online.
  • Researchers should apply online through the portal 60–90 days before the event’s start date. The system will not accept applications submitted either earlier or later than this timeframe.
  • Applications submitted through any other method will not be considered.

Documentation and Requirements

Preparing a comprehensive application package is key to a successful submission. This typically includes:

  • Research Proposal: Prepare a detailed research proposal outlining the objectives, methodology, and expected outcomes of your project. Clearly articulate the significance and potential impact of your research.
  • Acceptance/Invitation Letter: Include a valid acceptance or invitation letter from the international conference, collaboration, or research institution you plan to visit. This serves as evidence of your active involvement and endorsement from the host.
  • Budget Details: Provide a comprehensive budget detailing the anticipated expenses related to international travel. This should cover airfare, accommodation, registration fees for conferences, and any other essential costs.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): Submit an up-to-date curriculum vitae highlighting your academic and research achievements. Emphasize relevant publications, presentations, and contributions to your field.
  • Endorsement from Host Institution: If applicable, secure an endorsement from your home institution supporting your international travel plans. This could include a letter from your supervisor or department head expressing their support for your research.
  • Compliance with Guidelines: Adhere strictly to the guidelines provided by SERB. Ensure that your application complies with all stated requirements, as any deviations may result in disqualification.
  • Letter of Intent: Include a well-crafted letter of intent explaining the purpose and significance of your international travel. Clearly convey how this experience aligns with your research goals and contributes to your academic and professional growth.
  • Proof of Conference Registration: If attending a conference, provide proof of registration. This ensures that your travel aligns with a concrete professional engagement, reinforcing the credibility of your application.
  • Academic Transcripts: Include official transcripts of your academic records. These transcripts offer insights into your educational background and academic achievements.
  • Contact Information: Double-check that all contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers, is accurate and up-to-date. This ensures that SERB can easily communicate with you regarding your application.

Tips for Successful Applications

  • Early Planning: Start the application process well in advance to ensure ample time for documentation and preparation.
  • Clarity in Objectives: Clearly articulate the purpose of your international travel and how it aligns with your research goals.
  • Thorough Budgeting: Provide a detailed and realistic budget, demonstrating a clear understanding of anticipated expenses.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Ensure all required documents are complete, accurate, and submitted according to the specified guidelines.


International travel holds immense importance for science and engineering researchers, fostering global collaboration and diverse perspectives. The Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) plays a vital role by providing International Travel Support, and unlocking global horizons. Researchers are urged to apply for SERB grants, leveraging the opportunity to enhance their research impact globally.

SERB’s unwavering commitment underscores its dedication to advancing research excellence in India and fostering international scientific exchange.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is international travel crucial for researchers in science and engineering fields? 

International travel is indispensable for researchers, fostering collaboration with global peers, providing diverse perspectives, and contributing to the enhancement of their academic and professional journey.

What is the role of the Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) in facilitating international travel for researchers? 

SERB plays a pivotal role by offering valuable International Travel Support, serving as a catalyst to unlock global horizons for researchers through fostering collaborations and facilitating their participation in international conferences.

What is the incentive for researchers to apply for International Travel Support provided by SERB? 

Researchers are urged to apply for SERB grants to magnify the impact of their research on a global scale. These grants open avenues to transformative experiences and cross-cultural collaborations.



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