Bridging Excellence Postdoctoral Program 2024 (Up to EUR/$ 25,000) – APPLY NOW

The Life Science Alliance, a renowned non-profit inter-institutional alliance between EMBL and Stanford University, is inviting researchers who wish to work with state-of-the-art technology, establish a global reputation, and connect two premier research institutions, to apply for its Bridging Excellence Postdoctoral Program 2024.

Bridging Excellence Postdoctoral Program 2024
Bridging Excellence Postdoctoral Program 2024

The Life Science Alliance receives financial support from generous private donations, as it works towards uniting world leading researchers from EMBL and Stanford University, to accelerate biomedical research.

Bridging Excellence Postdoctoral Program

The Bridging Excellence Postdoctoral Program is designed to provide support to postdoctoral fellows who conduct joint research between the EMBL and the Stanford University School of Medicine (SoM) and/or the School of Humanities & Sciences (H&S).

Participants will suggest an innovative, high-impact partnership between one lab from Stanford SoM or H&S and one lab from EMBL. Additionally, they can build a worldwide reputation and obtain invaluable expertise in two different research contexts by taking advantage of the chances at two top universities.

Fellows get access to both sites’ researchers and equipment, as well as both institutions’ excellent postdoctoral training programs.

Benefits of the Bridging Excellence Postdoctoral Program

The Life Science Alliance’s Bridging Excellence Postdoctoral Program includes funding for:

  • A regular three-year EMBL/Stanford postdoctoral stipend (which includes family and social security benefits)
  • A financial contribution of up to EUR/$25,000 toward lab supplies
  • An additional amount (up to EUR/$25,000) for transport and lodging during any visits to the partner institution.
  • Up to EUR/$2,000 in funding to attend an international conference.

Eligibility Requirements for Bridging Excellence Postdoctoral Program

  • All researchers are eligible to apply for fellowships, regardless of their gender, country, or area of expertise.
  • Applicants should be enthusiastic about the idea of serving as an ambassador for transatlantic science and be ready to travel abroad.
  • Candidates must have finished their doctorate within two years before applying for the fellowship. As long as they have received their Ph.D. before applying for the fellowship, students who are presently pursuing their degree are eligible to apply.
  • Fellows who work at EMBL/Stanford University now or in the past are eligible to apply, provided that their additional 3-year fellowship does not exceed their 5-year postdoctoral fellowship maximum.

How to Apply

In applying for the Bridging Excellence Postdoctoral Program 2024, applicants are expected to develop a proposal together with a minimum of one EMBL Team Leader and a faculty member from the Stanford School of Medicine, or Humanities & Sciences. Proposals submitted must outline an innovative, highly effective partnership that capitalizes on the complementary qualities of both organizations.

To apply for the program, please follow carefully the steps below:

  1. Review the application guidelines in detail.
  2. Download and complete the application form.
  3. Contact with a potential EMBL and Stanford supervisor.
  4. Build your project proposal.
  5. Upload the completed application form and supervisor confirmation letter via TalentLink at by the 27th of January, 2023 at 11:59 pm CET.
  6. Referees must also submit a letter of recommendation by the 10th of February 2023.

Note: Any applications submitted outside of the TalenLink recruitment system will not be reviewed, this includes proposals not submitted via the application form.

More details can be found at

Application Deadline

March 08, 2024.



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