How to get free LinkedIn Learning as a Student

If you want to stay ahead of other students, you need to continuously learn and luckily for us all, many online learning platforms have made continuous learning possible and easily accessible – you can now learn from the comfort of your home with just your mobile phone and internet connection.

How to Get Free LinkedIn Learning As a Student
How to Get Free LinkedIn Learning As a Student

LinkedIn Learning and many other platforms have recently become the go-to guys in online learning, as a student, you can take advantage of LinkedIn learning as well as other platforms for your personal and professional growth.

How to Get Free LinkedIn Learning As a Student

The juicy part? You can access these quality resources without breaking the bank. Even though most of the resources are paid, there are ways you can get them free but many students are unaware of this, if you are interested in taking advantage of LinkedIn Learning without paying a dime, below is how to get free LinkedIn Learning as a student.

Utilize Your University Resources

Many educational institutions have partnerships with LinkedIn Learning to provide their students with free access. Check with your university’s library or online resources to see if they offer complimentary LinkedIn Learning subscriptions. Often, universities provide access to a wide range of courses to support your academic and career development. Your school may be doing it and you won’t know because you haven’t asked.

Go for free trials and promotions

LinkedIn Learning occasionally offers free trials and promotions to attract new users. Keep an eye out for these opportunities because they can provide you with a temporary but valuable opportunity for you to explore the platform without any cost. The promotions are usually time-sensitive, so act quickly when you come across them.

Check LinkedIn student premium

LinkedIn offers a Student Premium subscription that includes access to LinkedIn Learning. To qualify, you must have a verified student status on LinkedIn.

Student Premium provides additional benefits, such as InMail credits and job insights. This subscription is often available at a discounted rate or as part of a bundle, making it a cost-effective option for students.

Check with your school’s career services

Some universities and colleges collaborate with LinkedIn to offer students free or discounted access to premium features, including LinkedIn Learning. Contact your school’s career services department to know if they have any available partnerships or programs that provide students with access to professional development resources.

LinkedIn learning scholarships

Do you know that LinkedIn offers scholarships? Now you know. Keep an eye out for LinkedIn Learning scholarships. While these opportunities might not be widespread, some organizations or LinkedIn itself occasionally offer scholarships that provide free access to LinkedIn Learning courses for a specified period. You can always check LinkedIn’s official blog, announcements, and scholarship platforms for such opportunities.

Connect with instructors and professionals

Hear this, building connections on LinkedIn can open doors to learning opportunities for you – don’t sleep on building connections.

Always engage with your professors, industry professionals, or mentors on LinkedIn. Some may have access to free or discounted LinkedIn Learning licenses and could be willing to share them with you. Networking can sometimes lead to unexpected learning opportunities.

Look out for free courses

LinkedIn Learning also offers a selection of free courses that cover a wide range of topics. While these courses may not be as extensive as the premium ones, they still provide valuable knowledge and skills. Check their free courses section on LinkedIn Learning to find content relevant to your interests and academic pursuits.

Participate in LinkedIn Learning challenges

LinkedIn Learning occasionally hosts challenges or competitions where participants can win free access to premium content. These challenges often require completing a set number of courses or achieving specific milestones within a given timeframe.

Keep an eye on the LinkedIn Learning platform, social media channels, or newsletters for announcements about upcoming challenges. Participating not only gives you a chance to win free access but also motivates you to actively engage with the learning content.

Utilize Government or Non-Profit programs

Some government agencies and non-profit organizations partner with LinkedIn to provide free access to LinkedIn Learning for specific demographics, including students. The target is to enhance the skills and employability of students. To participate, check whether any programs in your region or within your field of study offer such opportunities.

Attend webinars and virtual events

LinkedIn Learning frequently conducts webinars and virtual events on various topics. Participants often get temporary access to premium content. Keep an eye on LinkedIn announcements, industry forums, or event platforms for opportunities to participate in these virtual gatherings. Not only will you gain valuable insights from the event, but you may also unlock access to additional learning resources.

Take advantage of alumni networks

If you’ve graduated or are part of an alumni network, check if there are any benefits or partnerships that provide free or discounted access to LinkedIn Learning. Some alumni associations collaborate with LinkedIn to offer ongoing learning opportunities for their graduates. Contact your alumni association or check their website for any available resources or programs.

Accessing LinkedIn Learning as a student doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag. By leveraging university resources, taking advantage of promotions, exploring student premium options, checking with career services, and staying connected with professionals, you can gain access to premium LinkedIn learning resources for free.



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