How to Get a Job on LinkedIn

How To Get a Job on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has nearly 830 million+ users around the globe. It is one of the social networks for professionals in the world and the ideal medium to promote yourself.

How To Get a Job on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can help you find job opportunities, discover new business partners, learn from experts in your field, and much more. Also, LinkedIn is a professional platform and if you follow it like that, you get jobs from it.

How To Get a Job on LinkedIn

Getting job on LinkedIn requires a strategic approach. The reason why many have been on LinkedIn for years without being recognized by recruiters is because of a lack of poor strategy. Being consistent on LinkedIn is not a criterion for getting jobs on LinkedIn users are consistently doing the wrong thing.

Also having huge followers is not a criterion for getting jobs on LinkedIn. There are so many people with huge followers on LinkedIn with zero leads and Jobs.

Having a clear understanding of how LinkedIn works will help you to get a job on LinkedIn between your first 3 months on the platform. If you are interested in getting job(s) on LinkedIn apply these steps.

Steps on How to Get Jobs on LinkedIn

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

Optimizing your profile on LinkedIn is the step you should take if you want to get job(s) on LinkedIn. Most people create their profile on LinkedIn without optimizing it and yet they complain about not getting jobs on LinkedIn.

Profile optimization on LinkedIn is what helps you to be found by recruiters on LinkedIn. A well-optimized profile attracts huge search appearances on LinkedIn. It makes your profile pop up any time they are searching for people in your niche on LinkedIn.

How to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

Step 1: Use a clear professional picture. Using a clear and digital profile picture on LinkedIn attracts people to your profile. Just like they say good looks attract. Many people have gotten jobs on LinkedIn because of their profile picture both male and female.

Step 2: Create a good LinkedIn banner. Your LinkedIn banner is where you put out your services and email address boldly. When people open your LinkedIn profile the first thing they see is your LinkedIn banner. This gives them a brief introduction to your services.

Step 3: Write a catchy LinkedIn headline. Give a brief introduction of your services. About two to three words of your LinkedIn headline show anytime you drop a comment on someone’s post. How catchy your headline is matters greatly. Also, your headline makes people open your profile to learn more about you.

Step 4: Write a captivating “About Section.” This is where you market yourself and your services. You can use storytelling. This is because storytelling steers the reader’s emotion and propels him/her to take action. Which might be to hire you or buy from you.

Step 5: Write out your experiences, awards and achievements, and places you have worked, including your present place of work.

Step 6: Customize your LinkedIn URL. Your LinkedIn URL is the link to your profile. You need to customize it to be found in keyword searches. What you need to do is to edit your URL and add your niche at the end. This is because people are either looking for a Data Analyst, Content Writer, or Product Manager, not Amanda, Melanie, or Jackson.

Customizing your LinkedIn URL makes your profile appear when a recruiter is searching for someone to hire in your niche.

On LinkedIn, your profile is like your CV. It gives a full definition of who you are, so take it seriously.

Understand your Target Audience

To get a job on LinkedIn you need to understand who your target audience is. This will help you to understand their problem and how to solve them.

Solve a Problem

Another way to get a job on LinkedIn is by solving problems. Recruiters are looking for problem solvers. They need someone that will bring solutions to their businesses.

For instance, if you are a content writer, create content that tells company owners the need of using content to market their products. Talk about how you have helped brands convert leads through content marketing. This will attract more business owners to hire you.

Send Out Proposals 

Sending out proposals to your target audience, and stating the solutions you can provide for them is another way to get jobs on LinkedIn. Draft out lists of your target audience and their emails. Send out proposals to them. Make sure your proposal is brief and straight to the point.

  • Find out companies you will like to work with. Follow them and keep leaving valuable comments on their pages.
  • Join the recruiter’s network groups on LinkedIn and demonstrate your expertise through your comments. This will help to boost your visibility, making employees reach out to you for your services. Also, set a notification bell on their page to know when they are recruiting. Recruiters Groups on LinkedIn
  • Be kind to people, and render genuine help. Many people have gotten jobs on LinkedIn just by being kind. A little kindness might be the solution you need for that job to come.


What do 1st, 2nd, and 3rd connections mean?

The grade of your connections simply refers to how close LinkedIn members are to your professional circle:

First connections: are your direct connections. In other words, the people who are part of your network with which you have exchanged an invitation to connect. And both of you have accepted.

Second connections: are the connections of your connections or the “friends of your friends” That is people that are outside of your network, but you share common connections with them.

Third connections: are LinkedIn members that are connected to your second connections.

What is LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium is a monthly or yearly subscription plan for individual members. It provides premium career features such as:

  • Direct messaging to recruiters.
  • Featured applicant status for job positions.
  • Applicant and Salary Insights;
  • Unlocks who has viewed your profile and LinkedIn Learning courses.

What are Endorsements?

It is an easy way to get verified by people you have worked with that you are qualified in a skill. Connections that endorse you for a skill confirm publicly that you are good at that skill. Also, it is only people in your first connection list that can endorse you.


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