High Paying Jobs Without a Degree

Usually, a college degree was seen as the key to a successful and high-paying career. However, times have changed, and there are now numerous opportunities for individuals to secure well-paying jobs without the burden of student loans and years of formal education.

High Paying Jobs Without a Degree

This post explores 15 high-paying jobs that do not require a college degree. These roles offer the chance to build a rewarding career through alternative pathways like vocational training, certifications, and gaining practical experience.

15 High Paying Jobs Without a Degree

Web Developer

  • Salary range: $81,639 – $135,355 yearly
  • $33.11- $54.89 hourly

Web developers are in high demand, and many professionals in this field are entirely self-taught. Learning programming languages, web development frameworks, and design skills can lead to a lucrative career in building and maintaining websites and web applications.

Commercial Pilot

  • Average salary: $107,530- $182,986
  • $38.16- $64.93 hourly

Becoming a commercial pilot doesn’t require a traditional college degree. Instead, aspiring pilots can attend flight school to earn the necessary certifications and flight hours. With experience, they can secure well-paying positions with airlines.


  • Salary range: $28.23- $46.09 hourly
  • $62,374- $101,836 per year

Electricians play a crucial role in various industries, and their expertise is highly sought after. Completing an apprenticeship program and obtaining the necessary licenses can lead to a stable and high-paying career in electrical work.


  • Salary range: $28.39 – $50.54
  • $59,264- $105,511

Similar to electricians, plumbers can achieve success through apprenticeship programs and on-the-job training. Plumbing skills are consistently in demand, and experienced plumbers can earn significant incomes.

HVAC Technician

  • Salary range: $27.43- $44.68
  • $54,973- $89,557

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians can secure high-paying jobs after completing vocational training programs. These professionals are essential for maintaining climate control systems in residential and commercial properties.

Computer Support Specialist

  • Salary range: $21.21- $33.52 per hour
  • $60,097- $94,985 yearly

With the increasing reliance on technology, computer support specialists are essential for troubleshooting and maintaining computer systems. Many individuals in this field obtain industry-specific certifications to enhance their job prospects and earning potential.

Aircraft Mechanic

  • $33.11- $47.97 per hour
  • $81,889- $118,648 yearly

Aircraft mechanics are responsible for ensuring the safety and functionality of aircraft. Obtaining an Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) certification is the typical path to a high-paying career in this field.

Wind Turbine Technician

  • $24.71- $43.99 per hour
  • $57,596- $102,531 per year

As renewable energy continues to grow, wind turbine technicians are in high demand. Vocational training programs and certifications prepare individuals for careers in maintaining and repairing wind turbines, with competitive salaries to match.

Elevator Installer and Repairer

  • $20.57- $33.39 per hour
  • $54,027- $87,716 yearly

Elevator installers and repairers specialize in maintaining elevators, escalators, and other vertical transportation systems. They typically undergo an apprenticeship and may need to obtain licensure, offering well-compensated opportunities.

Dental Hygienist

  • $47.77- $63.95 per hour
  • $98,596- $132,001 yearly

Dental hygienists work alongside dentists to provide oral care to patients. While it requires an associate’s degree and licensure, it’s a high-paying career with strong growth prospects.

Construction Manager

  • $87,750- $141,390 per year
  • $50.77- $81.80 hourly

Construction managers oversee construction projects, ensuring they stay on schedule and within budget. While a bachelor’s degree can be helpful, many professionals rise through the ranks with experience and certifications, securing high salaries.

Commercial Diver

  • $106,469- $173,630 yearly
  • $24.19- $39.44 hourly

Commercial divers perform underwater tasks in industries such as construction, maintenance, and inspection. To become a commercial diver, you typically need specialized training and certifications, but it can lead to lucrative job opportunities.


  • $55,542- $83,548 per year
  • $30.95- $46.55 hourly

Paralegals assist lawyers with legal research, document preparation, and client communication. Earning a paralegal certificate or degree can open doors to high-paying roles within law firms and legal departments.

Radiologic Technologist

  • $31.57- $53.36 per hour
  • $72,239- $122,089

Radiologic technologists perform diagnostic imaging procedures, such as X-rays and MRIs. Completing an accredited radiologic technology program and obtaining the necessary certifications can lead to a well-compensated career in healthcare.

Executive Assistant

$63,986- $102,947 yearly

$22.29- $35.86

Executive assistants provide administrative support to top-level executives in various industries. While a degree can be helpful, experience and strong organizational skills are often valued more, and executive assistants can command impressive salaries.

Requirement For High-Paying Jobs Without a Degree

High-paying jobs without a degree often require a combination of skills, experience, and specialized training. Here are some general requirements:

  • Develop expertise in a specific field, such as programming, digital marketing, or graphic design.
  • Obtain relevant certifications to demonstrate your proficiency and knowledge.
  • Gain practical experience through internships, apprenticeships, or entry-level positions.
  • Build a strong professional network to discover job opportunities and make connections in your industry.
  • Create a portfolio showcasing your work and accomplishments.
  • Develop strong communication, problem-solving, and time-management skills.
  • Consider starting your own business or freelancing in your chosen field.
  • Stay updated on industry trends and technologies through self-study or online courses.
  • Build a list of references who can vouch for your skills and work ethic.
  • Be patient and persistent in your job search and career development.

High-paying jobs without a degree can be attainable with the right combination of these elements.


High-paying jobs without a degree are achievable through a combination of specialized skills, certifications, practical experience, networking, a strong portfolio, soft skills, entrepreneurship, continuous learning, references, and persistence. While a degree can open doors, there are viable paths to success in various industries for those who are willing to invest in their development and work diligently to attain their career goals.

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