Halo: Official Cookbook Releases This Summer

Halo: Official Cookbook Releases This Summer, and trust me don’t want to miss it. “Halo” remains one of the most popular and beloved video game series since its inception in 2001.

Halo: Official Cookbook Releases This Summer

If you ever wanted to know what food in the “halo” universes tastes like, you probably are not alone! On the 5th of April, the official “Halo” Twitter account an equally official cookbook published by Insight Editions, stated “Time to upgrade your armory right alongside your pantry. Announcing, the Official Halo Cookbook from @insighteditions! Available for Pre-order at the moment, that would be releasing in August.”

Halo Official Cookbook Releases This Summer

An official cookbook is probably not the first thing any “Halo” fan would think about when picturing Master Chief’s fight against then convenient in outer space but hey, Spartans have to eat. Other people that are on Twitter now seem to agree, and even the cookbook’s author, @PixelatedVicka, Chimed in to celebrate, saying in a tweet, “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to expand on the Halo universe. This was such a fun project to work on!”

We are yet to find out what a Covenant Elite tastes like, but we would be finding out very soon. “Halo: The Official Cookbook” releases on kindle for $13.99 and as a hardcover book for $39.99 on August 16. The cookbook is said to include more than 70 recipes, and it seems like it would cover everything from snacks to full meals. If you are not interested in the food, the “halo” cookbook could still very well become a collector’s item in its own right.

Video Game Cookbooks are the Latest Trend

“halo: The official Cookbook” follows a lot of other video game-themed cookbooks. One of the most widely known is “The Elder scrolls: The official Cookbook,” which arrived in 2019 march with a bunch of recipes for food that is found in the related game. Similar companion cookbooks have been launched for everything starting from the Star Wars universe to “Fallout,” “World of Warcraft,” and beyond.

With that stated, “Halo” does not inherently pique the same level of culinary curiosity as universes like that of “the Elder Scrolls.” Food is not mentioned very often when it comes to Sci-fi, so it remains to be seen how the author ended up working out these recipes straight into “Halo” lore. There are, of course, plenty of planets to find out there is space, and they may just have as many ingredients of their own. Or, at least, something of that effect.


At the moment, it is a great time to be a fan of the Halo Series. “The Halo: Official Cookbook” is just the latest in the franchise’s merchandising rush, given the fact that the new “halo” TV  series would now be streaming on Paramount+. Speaking of the new TV show, here’s where you get to watch the first episode of “Halo: The series” for free. The release of the cookbook and the TV show came shortly after the recent release of the sixth mainline “Halo” video game, “Halo Infinite,” which was launched on Xbox consoles and PC last year.


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