Is Facebook Dating Available for Free – Dating in Facebook Free | Dating App for Facebook

Today we will be discussing the topic “Is Facebook Dating Available for Free”. The Facebook dating app is not available in every country only some countries can make use of this app. But users don’t know this, so I will show you how to know that the dating app is available in your country. When you click the three-line icon at the bottom of your Facebook app then you will see “Dating” as an option.

Is Facebook Dating Available for Free

Not only that you will see a dating notice at the top of your Facebook newsfeed and also a heart icon at the top of your Facebook profile. When you click them, it will direct you to where you can create a dating profile.

Is Facebook Dating Available

The Facebook dating feature is an amazing feature embedded in the Facebook official app. To access and make use of this feature, you have to go through the Facebook official app. By installing the Facebook official app and making use of the dating feature, you can date on the go. When it comes to dating on Facebook, there is a lot one must take note of.

First and foremost, we’ve established that dating on the platform is free. However, we also mentioned that you must be a registered user on the platform. In addition to that, you should know that you would need to set up a different profile that would be used for dating. This profile is separate from your regular profile on the platform.

Dating App for Facebook | Dating in Facebook Free

The dating app for Facebook was recently added to the platform in order to connect and link singles who are easy to mingle with. Being called a dating app has made most people that think it has a standalone app. Well, that’s not the case, however, because the Facebook dating app doesn’t have a standalone app.

As a matter of fact, it can be accessed using the web on your pc and also a smartphone with the Facebook app. So that means, you don’t have to download another app to use it. It is simple and free for anyone from the age of 18 years and above in the locations, it’s accessed. However, you should have in mind that the activities carried out in the dating app are outside your Facebook profile. To access the dating feature simply tap on the hamburger menu icon and then on the “Dating” icon.


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