How to Access the PS5 Web Browser

How to Access the PS5 Web Browser has become quite the question nowadays. If not having a web browser on PS5 is taking a toll on you, then you should not be afraid. Sony’s Flagship console does not actually come with an in-built browser that you can make use of to surf the web, albeit one that’s fairly limited and can only be accessed in a certain way.

How to Access the PS5 Web Browser

While there are some small hoops that we need to go through in other to make use of the PS5 web browser, we would be showing you how to access this ‘hidden’ browser and the roundabout way in which you can browser the internet while making use of it.

How to Access the PS5 Web Browser

Now to the main details of this article, How to Access the PS5 web browser. This step is a lot easier than you think and below I would be giving you a complete walk-through on how to access it. So let’s go:

Navigate to The PS5 Settings Menu

You would be required to head over to the PS5 Settings menu. You can access it through the cogwheel icon located at the top right of the PS5 dashboard.

Choose Users and Accounts

Alongside the link with other services, options within the users and accounts submenu. Then you would see a selection of social media apps that the PS5 supports is linking to. Select Twitter to proceed.

PS5 Browser Windows

Once you do this, the PS5 window will pop up, but we do not want to link our Twitter account here, as doing this would close the PS5 web browser upon successfully linking, taking us straight back to the settings menu. Instead, we want to click on the option to ‘sign up for twitter’ located at the top right of the window, followed by ‘Login’ on the following page. Next, enter your sign-in credentials, and instead of getting booted back to the PS5 settings menu, you would be required to access your Twitter feed.

Click Any External Site Link

Finally, click on any of the external links that are embedded in tweets on your feed to be taken straight to that website.


Gaining access to the site through the PS5 web browser is unavoidably unconventional, and most likely was not intended as a fully supported feature. That said, the nature of twitter’s account linking system makes it a lot easier to just simply bypass the linking process and gain access to the feed.

If you, unfortunately, missed the availability of a web browser on your PS4, then still get to access it right on your PS5, albeit in a more obtuse fashion. The search bar in which to enter URLs is also locked and can’t be interacted with directly, which is why surfing via your Twitter feed is one of the best options available here.

It is actually worth stating that the PS5 web browser is fairly limited in what it can do. While it gets to display images just right, it will sometimes return a broken image instead. On top of that, while you get to watch YouTuber videos right on your PS5 web browser, you cannot view them right on your full screen. The dedicated PS5 YouTube app option is better.


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