How to Share Your Calendar in Outlook

How to Share Your Calendar in Outlook is an easy step that I would be stating for you in this article. If you are making use of Microsoft outlook, whether it is at home or at work, you probably would know that it is a handy tool, but perhaps not always the most intuitive. One of the outlook’s hidden gems is the ability for it to share your calendar with others.

How to Share Your Calendar in Outlook

How to Share Your Calendar in Outlook

This would enable you to be aware of when you are free and makes setting up meetings a lot easier. You can choose to do this by sharing your schedule from the calendar portion of Outlook. In this guide, I would be giving you the easiest ways for you to do this.

If you are fortunate to be a part of an email chain about who is free at what specific time during which day, you would surely appreciate the ability to simply share your calendar and allow someone else to do the thinking on when to book the meeting. This is quite handy when it comes to your work life, too, and generally helpful when you want to allow someone else to have an insight into your Outlook-based plans. Luckily sharing your calendar is extremely easy, let us dive right in.

How to Share your Outlook Calendar with an Organization or Person

You can choose to share your outlook calendar with multiple people, and all this can be done via the main Outlook app. Have it at the back of your mind that these instructions might come indifferent because of the version of the software that you are making use of, but in general, the outlook layout has stayed largely the same over the years and is quite easy to navigate. In case you are yet to be sure, Microsoft has a guide for office 2010 and office 2007 on its website, While the much newer versions is expected to work with the steps stated below:

  • Launch the Outlook and navigate toward Calendar right on the bottom left side of the window
  • Right at the calendar view, at the top of the screen, click “share calendar.”
  • Select which calendar you want to share; every calendar will be assigned to a different email address.
  • Click “add” and choose the people that you want to share your calendar with then once again click on “Add”
  • Select the organization or a person from the list, then move down to permissions. There you can decide how much of your calendar recipients would be able to see. Permissions ranges from only allowing others to see when you are busy all the way to offering them the ability to fully edit and manage your meetings.
  • After going through all the processes, click “OK.”

How to Change or Revoke Calendar permissions right on Outlook

Sharing your own calendar does not last forever, so you can choose to revoke these rights at any time you want to. Permission can also get altered in case you want to expand or restrict the access that you previously offered to someone else. Doing this is quite easy and very similar to the steps that were described above.

  • Right on your calendar, click “share calendar” located at the top of the screen, then head over to the schedule in question.
  • The properties of the calendar would pop up. Select the person or the organization that you wish to make the changes.
  • Proceed to adjust the permission located at the bottom if you would only be making changes. Otherwise, highlight their name and then select “Remove” to revoke the access.
  • Save it by clicking on “OK.”

This is one great way to alert yourself to who can gain access to your calendar and what level of permission would be offered to them. The lowest level would only allow you to see on which days and at what time you would be busy. Taking things up a notch would allow your coworkers to see what your meetings would be all about, where the meetings would be held and who would be at the meeting.

How to Locate your shared calendars in Outlook

Immediately someone shares their calendar with you, you would have notified via your email that you have now been offered access to their schedule. You would be required to click “Accept” within the email in order for you to get access. Once that is done, you would be able to navigate straight to the calendar right from that email, but obviously, having to go and search for that message each and every time will get annoying. Fortunately, you get to see all the calendars of people that have shared their calendars with you just with a few easy clicks.

  • First, launch your calendar folder
  • On the left side of the screen, below the list of your team members, scroll right down to shared calendars – it’s tucked away right at the bottom left quadrant. Click on the arrow located right next to it to unfold the list of calendars that you have access to.
  • Click on next to the person’s calendar you want to check out. The schedule is set to appear in the calendar’s main window.

If the person that owns the calendar has given you the right to set permissions to someone’s calendar, you would be able to set up meetings for them via this feature, also, you would be able to cancel/reschedule existing appointments.


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