How to Download Music from YouTube Music

How to Download Music from YouTube Music. If you ever decided to download your favorite songs, Albums, or Playlists from YouTube Music? Thankfully, the YouTube Music mobile app would allow you to download your tunes for offline listening, as long as you have subscribed to a YouTube Premium subscription.

How to Download Music from YouTube Music

So, be rest assured that you would be downloading your favorite song for offline listening because I would be giving you How to Download Music from YouTube Music. This process is really easy, and trust me, after this content, you should not encounter any problem when it comes to downloading.

How to Download Music from YouTube Music

The steps on how to download all your favorite YouTube music favorites would be stated below. The process is an easy one, and I would be giving you step by step.

Subscribe to YouTube Premium

You can do this by heading over to YouTube Premium Homepage. If you happen to be a new customer, you would be getting a generous two-month free trial. After that, the subscription service is set to costs $11.99 / £11.99 per month. We do this based on the fact that YouTube Music premium to download music for listening offline, but also skips ads and allows you to listen to music using the screen of your phone.

Download YouTube Music App

Open your phone’s app store, and search for ‘YouTube Music.’ This should be the very first result that shows up in the search. Tap that, and then ‘Install’ to download the app to your phone. If it’s already installed, you get to see ‘Open’ instead of ‘Install.’

Locate the Song, Album, or the Playlists You Wish to Download

To commence downloading songs from YouTube music, you have to locate the song, album or Playlists that you wish to listen to offline. When it comes to songs and Albums, enter the name into the search at the top of the YouTube music homepage. When you see the music that you desire in the search result, give that a tap. For Playlists, scroll down the YouTube Music Homepage until you locate your saved playlists right from the main YouTube site, or a mix that was created by YouTube itself, and tap on it.

Downloading Individual Songs

Tap on the song to commence playing the song. Then, tap the three dots icon located at the top-right of your screen, followed by ‘download’ in the submenu that pops up. The download would begin immediately for you to listen to it offline.

Downloading Albums and Playlists

Tap on the selection that you desire, then look for the ‘download’ icon that is located close to the top right under the album’s info. One tap is all you need to download the album or playlist straight to your device.

How to Listen to Downloaded Songs

To listen to the YouTube Music Homepage, the tab ‘Library’ locates at the bottom-right of the screen, followed by “downloads’ to access all your downloaded music for offline listening. No internet connection is needed to listen to music that is found here once it has been downloaded.


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