Elden Ring Mods – How to Install Elden Rings Mod

The Elden Rings Mod is a great way to Stir up and enhance your Journey through the lands between. What better way to enjoy FromSoftware’s Latest action RPG epic than to Bend the game to your liking.

Elden Ring Mods

Elden Ring Mods

Just like those of many games, the Elden Ring mods vary from practical to ridiculous. Some of them offer you in-game advantages with which to radically alter your experience, while others offer minor quality-of-life improvements that would enable you to enjoy slaying the game’s bosses and many more. Some of the mods look quite silly, and you might even be wondering why anyone would go through a lot of trouble to make them. Well, we would allow you to be the judge of where the mod that turns tree sentinels into Thomas and Tank Engine lands.

Ever since the release of Elden Rings, its community has kept themselves busy by creating fan-made content, leaving no dearth of mods to pick between. To aid you, and save you the time for searching, some of the best Mods have been rounded up in this article. I would be giving you some of the best mods you can find below.

How to Install Elden Rings Mod

Installing The Game Elden ring mods is quite easy. As a matter of fact, you would likely have a much harder time taking down the grueling bosses of this action RPG than you would modifying it. Once you have gotten a couple up and running, the whole thing would change to second nature.

Go Offline

Before you can start anything, you are expected to force Elden Ring into offline mode. If the game detects that you are making use of a mode while being connected to the multiplayer servers, the game would assume that you are cheating and your account would be banned from accessing multiplayer content. You need to avoid that since you cannot reverse it.

Luckily, disabling the anti-cheat software from the game is not as hard as you think. Just head to the location where you installed Elden Ring. If you happen to be playing the game on steam, that would be steam\steamapps\common\Elden Ring\game on the drive where you installed the game. Look for the start_protected_game.exe file and rename it to something else and add “.not” at the end. Once you do that, its file type should be listed as NOT and you would be unable to run the exe.

Then you would be required to locate elden_ring.exe file and duplicate it. Rename that to start_protected_game.exe and then load the game through steam. You would now be unable to connect to the multiplayer servers.

To be sure, a popup on the main menu should alert you that the game is “unable to start in online mode”. Once you see that, you are set.

Download a Mode Loader

You would be required to download Elden Ring Mod Loader, a nifty tool that’s required to boot up many mods available across the internet. Head right over to Nexus Mods to be able to download the tool. Once downloaded, extract the folder to steam\steamapps\common\Elden Ring\game.

Download Some Mods

Now, what you would need is to download a mod that you like. Nexus Mods have quite a massive collection to browse through. Find a mod that you like, click through, and then download it.

Add Mods to Your Folder

Once they have been downloaded, you would be required to navigate back to where you installed the Mod Loader. You should be presented with another folder titled “Mods”. No prizes for guessing what to do next. Drag the mod that you downloaded into that folder.

Launch the Game

Return directly to steam and launch the game as normal. All the installed mods should load. If you are looking to remove a mod, simply delete its folder or file straight from the “mods” file.

Elden Rings Best Mods

Item and Parameter Randomiser

This mod is great as it muddles up the stats and the functionality of nearly every item in the game. The mod shuffles around the location of over 4,000 map items and scrambles the stats of the weapons. The idea here is to offer an entirely different playthrough of Elden Ring and one that is a lot more open to chances.

Ultimate Start

Ostensibly designed to ease new Soulsborne players right into the game, the ultimate start mod is a great way of testing Elden Ring’s many playstyles. This mod gives you a lot of powerful items to make use of, weapons to try out, and incantations to cast. You would be offered 100k runes for quick leveling and everything you need to unlock all the shop’s in the game.

Enhance Moveset Utility

Playing FromSoftware games using a mouse and keyboard can be quite stressful, but this Elden ring mod would allow you to unlock the full potential of your trusty hardware companion. The Enhanced Moveset Utility remolds the game’s control scheme to much better fit keyboards. Its main feature is its ability to assign incantations and items to specific hotkeys, allowing you to deal with them out much faster mid-fight.

Pause The Game

You did not select Elden rings mainly because you wanted a game that would go as easy as you have planned. Just like most soulsborne games created before the Elden rings game, the game is just as tough. But this can be made easier with the ability for players to pause the game. In the vanilla version, navigating right through its menus to sort out your inventory or check out the map does not halt the action around you. You are just as liable to attack, making for some untimely deaths.

Hard Mode

If you think you have faced everything that lands between can throw at you, then you need to try the Prepare to Die (Hard Mode) mod. This mod was created for those that really want the challenge. Enemies can deal more damage, can hear you from further away, and are a tad smarter. Their stats and AI have been modified so that you can’t rely on your old tricks to beat them. This mod was created for Soulsborne experts.

Tree Sentinel Thomas

The anthropomorphized children’s train has become quite a staple of modding communities everywhere. The three sentinels Thomas Mod takes the place of the horses of the optional tree Sentinel bosses that you would encounter throughout the game with the titular train.


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