How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Search

How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Search. Enabling your dark mode is not something that Google search is not new – it’s has been available since 2021. The company has decided to roll out an even darker theme to replace the existing one.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Search

Dark themes are everywhere, from iOS and Android to Windows 11 and macOS, alongside tons of third-party apps, but Google has not been late to the dark mode party for its website, with its result page sticking with the white color scheme that’s been there ever since it was launched in 1997. Meanwhile, Google Chrome has had dark themes readily available ever since 2019.

Well, if you are looking to switch from dark mode now, then you are set for the updated theme to arrive on our PC, we have placed together a handy guide to find those settings.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Search

Head to Google’s Homepage

If you are making use of the Google search engine, enter the search term, then click on its logo. Otherwise, head over to, or another domain if you are in a different country.

Select Search Settings

Right under the Google Homepage, click on settings > Search settings.

Select Appearance

You would be taken straight to where you go to appearance in settings.

Look for Dark Theme

Select the dark theme and click on save. This will enable it, and if your PC or Mac is in light mode, Google will still show in dark mode regardless.

Switch to Auto to Match Your Device

However, if what you want is Google’s theme to adapt to your PC and Mac, you also can choose to select “System Default”.

The dark mode is quite useful especially if you are not a fan of the white mode always hitting you from the search result each time you are browsing. It also looks great and gives you something unique to stare at, plus it is great at night and would help you protect your eyes.


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