Elden Ring is now the Most Wishlisted Game on Steam

Elden Ring is now the Most Wishlisted Game on Steam. Currently, the hype on Elden ring has grown quite huge. If Geoff Keighley’s stories about being hounded for an Elden Ring reveal for years is not enough to get you convinced about that, then maybe the wishlists on steam will. Elden ring currently is the most-wish-listed game on steam, and it managed to unseat a juggernaut to claim that crown.

Elden Ring is now the Most Wishlisted Game on Steam

Steam’s Most-wanted Game is Elden Ring

Just as Eurogamer stated, Elden Ring has now done better than dying light 2 to become the most-wish-listed game on steam. Valve provided a list of top-wishlisted games as a part of the steam search, and currently, that list shows that Elden ring is at the first place, following dying light 2: Stay Human in Second, Party Animals in Third, God of War in fourth, and Hollow Knight: Silk song in fifth.

It wasn’t easy for Elden’s ring to become the most number one among many other games on steam. Eurogamer points states that Dying light 2 held the position throughout 2021, so Elden ring is definitely contending with a highly anticipated title here. With time we would know if Dying light 2 can reclaim the first-place ranking across steam wishlists, but currently, Elden Ring is holding the position.

Why Elden Ring is Very Popular on Steam

If you have been out of the loop for quite some time, you actually might be wondering why Elden Ring was able to surge to the top spot on this list. Actually, there are several answers to this question, but a lot of those answers have to do with the popularity of the Dark Souls series.

Elden Ring is the latest games create by Folks at From Software, which before Elden Ring created the brutally difficult Dark Souls Series and its Spin-offs, Bloodbourne and Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice. Elden Ring would be the third Souls Spin-off, and it is turning out to be one of the biggest one currently.

Not Only is dark Soul’s creator and luminary Hidetaka Miyazaki directing Elden Ring, but he got help when creating the game’s world and lore from none other than George R.R. Martin. Martin, as tons of fantasy lovers already know, authored the series of A Song of Ice and Fire, which was turned into the massively successful HBO show Game of Thrones.

Elden ring would be taking Dark Souls Formula and dropping it off in an open world for player that wants to explore, and for a lot of fans, that’s an exciting combination. While we feel it is very important to remind the readers not to get very excited for the simple fact that even companies with solid track records can stumble now and then, gamers have their good reasons to be happy about Elden ring.

Elden Ring Release Date

If Miyazaki and his team can actually do it again, Elden ring should be able to live up to the hype, but we would surely find out in the next month. On February 25th, Elden Ring would be out for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S.


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