iPhone SE to Might Get 5G Power at Apple’s First 2022 Event

iPhone SE to Might Get 5G Power at Apple’s First 2022 Event. all iPhone enthusiasts should be happy as something new might be hitting the favorite smartphone franchise.

iPhone SE to Might Get 5G Power at Apple’s First 2022 Event

Apple is set for the very first virtual event of 2022, as stated by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, it would take place likely in March or April. It is expected to bring a long list of interesting new announcements, most excitingly a possible iPhone SE with 5G connectivity.

iPhone SE to Might Get 5G Power at Apple’s First 2022 Event

It has been quite some time since Apple launched the new iPhone SE. The current model dates back to April 2020 and, even though it is still a high-quality phone, it happens to be falling behind when compared to what its competitors in the market are offering.

The iPhone SE, in its current version, does not have access to 5G network, and still, it runs on a processor from 2019, based on Apple’s A13 chip. Just as Apple showed with its MacBook Pro Lineup, the company stated now has more to offer, and some of it finds its way inside the new iPhone SE.

When it comes to design, all the rumors are pointing to Apple sticking to the current iPhone SE style, that was modeled after the iPhone 8. However, the internals is now due for a change, and that is where we would be receiving some huge improvements.

iPhone SE 5G Might Attract Android Users

Just as stated in Gurman Apple Newsletter, one major upgrade expected of the new iPhone is going to be the 5G connectivity. Considering that the SE is Apple’s Most affordable phone – currently available from $399, it would be priced at a reasonable level, opening up 5G access to a whole new range of iOS users. Adding 5G to iPhone SE is an amazing move for Apple to make, and this might actually help convince a lot of android users to switch to iPhone.

Another thing that needs the upgrade is the A13 chip. Just as speculated by 9t05Mac we could be seeing the switch to the much faster A15 Bionic chip: the Same chip that the iPhone 13 line makes use of. This should offer the iPhone SE the performance boost it so badly requires to stay competitive at the moment.


If the rumors about the Apple event shows to be true, we might actually see the launch of the new iPhone SE not long after. A lot of leaks pointed to a release date that would come in the first half of the year. While we would likely not hear any confirmation until the virtual event takes place, it seems clear that Apple has a big year ahead, and its Android-based competitors might not watch out.


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