Best Tips for Playing Elden Rings

This content would offer you the Best Tips for Playing Elden Rings. This incredible new game created by FromSoftware, the developer of Dark Soul, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die twice is quite tough to play. Featuring FromSoftware’s trademark combat and light-touch storytelling, Elden rings take the systems fans knowledge and twist them to fit an open world.

Best Tips for Playing Elden Rings

Best Tips for Playing Elden Rings

If you have plans to enter Elden ring’s dangerous lands, you would actually require far more than just a sword or magic to aid you if you must survive. This is one of the largest games that fromSoftware has ever released, and one of its most difficult.

Even if you are a fan of the Fromsoftware franchise, you might actually find yourself in the dark when it comes to Elden Ring. Just as it did in bloodborne and Sekiro, the developer has reinvented its usual systems, making them new and unfamiliar. Well, this is where the usefulness of this article steps in. Below expect five great tips that would give you good footings as you set out into the lands between.

Select the Best Starting Class for Yourself

In previous Souls games, you get to start with any class and then tweak and build out the stats just as you saw fit. Well, that is quite possible with Elden Ring, However, the game plays out at a much slower pace than previous FromSoftware games. As such, selecting a starting class with the stats that you are searching for will actually benefit you greatly, especially in the first 10 – 15 hours of gameplay.

If you feel Spell casting would benefit you more, select a class that suits the Playstyle, like the Astrologer. If you are more of a melee player, then the vagabond is your friend. The best advice here is to pay close attention to the class descriptions right before making your choice.

While you can adopt a class to fit your needs – leveling your vagabond’s intelligence stat in other to bring an increase to its spellcasting power, for instance – that will take time. If you know how you want to play when you start then select the class that suits that playstyle.

Be Sneaky

Elden Ring’s world is quite huge. And however, tempting, we do not recommend running right into every encounter hoisted atop your spirit steed. It is a lot better for you to take your time and guile to get around. Elden Ring rewards the stealthiest approach, offering players a more powerful backstab ability. You get to encounter tons of enemies scattered around the land between, and being able to sneak past them, or even sneak up behind them for a faster and silent killer is often the sensible move.

Practice sneaking early, even if you mess up sometimes, it’s a very vital skill to have right under your belt. Especially when you get to a much later section of the game and face a large group of enemies. Thinning down the crowd with some backstabs well placed right before engaging the survivors can make the difference between life and death in a much harder encounter.

Don’t Skip the Map Fragment

Like a lot of open-world games, getting to know Elden Ring’s Map is one major key to survival, especially if you want to collect Runes and other goodies. Just as you explore new areas, you would find stone tablets that would unlock map fragments. It is best that you make it your priority to unlock these, as each fragment reveals part of the map, offering you the chance to better plan where you are head to.

It can be quite easy to get lost in the game Elden ring, especially when you are dodging areas that are really hard for you. Make sure to make use of your custom map marker to highlight locations of your point of interest to return to – like items you can’t reach yet, or bosses that you want to face when you get a lot stronger.

Scavenge all the Things

In the game steal everything that can be stolen. Crafting is very vital in the game so you would not want to miss out on as many crafting materials as you can. There are tons of herbs, items, and other goodies hidden around the world. Be on the lookout for helpful red glow that appears when you are close to an item.

The different types of items that you get to craft like arrows, Firebombs, and even summoning items for multiplayer – will aid you in later on in the game, so it pays to get stocked up on the materials that they are made out of.

You can Always Come Back

Elden Ring is a soulsborne game, it is going to be hard. However, you are offered some control over just how difficult the game becomes. Unlike some other open-world games, Elden Ring does not lock any areas off from accessing them. When you get out of the tutorial dungeon, you would be facing a huge enemy that you are not strong enough to battle just yet. You can try, probably you might defeat it, but it is not going to be as easy as it seems. This is just to tell you what you would be facing in Elden Ring.

Each area in the game possesses difficulty, and if you are not yet at that level, there is nothing wrong with you turning back and exploring other parts of the map. Just be sure to come back when you have leveled up a bit.

This becomes a lot easier when you can race around the world on your spirit steed. Encountering some problems in an area, do not be frustrated, consider going to a different part of the world map and earning some experience at that point.


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