How to Fix Apple Watch Not Charging

How to Fix Apple Watch Not Charging. The Apple Watch is one of Apple’s most remarkable products. While the watch design is accommodated with some amazing designs, it is more like a smartphone than a mechanical watch when it comes to its battery: if I do not charge mine every day it soon runs out of power.

How to Fix Apple Watch Not Charging

Charging problems are not just so irritating, they are disastrous. Luckily, most charging issues are easily fixed. And if the worst happens and your battery is entirely gone, it does not cost that much to replace. So, with all that stated, below I would be giving you tips on how to fix the Apple watch not Charging.

How to Fix Apple Watch Not Charging

The Basic Bits

First, let us begins with the basics. Is your apple watch entirely dead? If it is, it would not power on the moment the charger is connected to it, even if both watch and charger are perfectly healthy, but the lighting bolt is expected to pop up right after a few minutes on charge. If it does, give it another 30 minutes on the charger to see if the battery would still normally charge.

Be sure to check if your charging cable is connected to the charger, that its USB connector is fully inserted and that the charger’s plug hasn’t been Knocked out fully or slightly. It seems obvious, we know, but not so obvious that we haven’t ranted and raved about a device that is dead before discovering that we knocked the charger when vacuuming or the kids had unplugged it.

If the charger is connected to an extension lead, make sure that’s connected and has not been switched off either. Try connecting the charger directly to the wall socket: if that works then your extension lead is the issue here.

Make Use of Apple Bits

If your charger is not the Apple original, place it on one side and get the charger and cable that came with your apple watch. Plug it in, connect the watch to the charging pucks as normal and give it a few minutes to see if the lightning bolt would pop up. If it does, it’s likely the fault is with your third-party charger.

Check the Cable

Is the cable clamping itself right into the right spot on the back of your Apple Watch? Has the protective plastic been taken out from the two sides of the charging puck? Are the Puck and the back of the apple watch clean and free from anything that would stop them from properly connecting.

If you happen to be in possession of another USB power adapter, make that instead of the one that has been existing.

If you have had more than one Apple watch it is likely that you possess an old charging cable kicking around. If you do, dig it out, connect it and see if that actually solves the issue. Apple Watch charging cables do not tend to suffer the abuse that iPhone chargers would have to endure, but they can still break. Signs of wear and tear are not always obvious: a cable might actually look absolutely fine right on the outside but be broken inside it.

Restart if you can

If your apple watch still has some battery power, try to force restart. Doing this is easy, just press and hold the digital crown and the side button simultaneously and hold them for a minimum of 10 seconds, or probably until you see the Apple logo pop up. This would reset the software of the apple watch, so if the charging issue is an issue that has to do with a software glitch, it might get solved.


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