How to Download Twitter Videos to Your Phone

How to Download Twitter Videos to Your Phone. Twitter is one widely popular social media platform that has over 211 million users daily as stated by Statista. Users share a wide variety of content on the platform, from thoughts and opinions to photos, news articles, and even videos.

How to Download Twitter Videos to Your Phone

How to Download Twitter Videos to Your Phone

Active users are likely to come across the content that they find pertinent, and maybe even want to keep it for later reference. When this content is a video, the initial instinct may just be to download the video and watch it again later. Unfortunately, downloading a Twitter video is not as simple as right-clicking and choosing a download option.

The main reason Twitter users cannot just choose to download videos directly from Twitter itself is because of the company’s copyright regulations, per its rules and regulations. However, there are several ways for you to download Twitter videos onto your phone, and even straight to your computer if you wish to do so. The process is entirely free, and it only takes a moment for you to complete.

How to Download Twitter Videos on iPhone and iPad

The first step required for you to download Twitter videos to your iPhone is for you to obtain an app that would allow you to do that. One of the steps you might use utilizes the Apple-made app called shortcuts by Apple. To download, head to the App Store found on your phone and search for “Shortcuts by Apple.”

This app is entirely free, and it should install in just seconds. Once you have installed it, head over to your iPhone or iPad’s Setting, scroll down to the shortcut’s app settings, tap in, and toggle “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts” so it’s set to the “on” position. NOTE: if you happen to be running iOS 15 or later, this trick would not work quite so slick, but you can still try it.

After you have allowed “untrusted” shortcuts, Open this iCloud Link to install the unofficial 3rd-party developed “Twitter Video Downloader.”

Now, open the shortcuts app. You are ready to download Twitter videos straight to your iPhone or your iPad.  Follow these steps to download the Videos:

  • Tap “Get Shortcut.”
  • Right after reading through the instructions, scroll down and then tap “Add Untrusted Shortcut.”
  • Open the Twitter app right on your iPhone or iPad and visit the Twitter Video that you are looking forward to downloading.
  • Tap the “share” button and then select Twitter video downloader.

This would prompt the shortcuts app to launch. You will then be asked if you want to download the video in low, medium, or high quality. The higher the quality of the video, the longer the download would take, and the more space it would occupy on your device memory. Once the download is completed, you would be able to access the video on your photos app.

How to Download Twitter videos on Android

Downloading Twitter videos right on your Android is a lot easier compared to the steps on iOS devices. This is because the Android app store possesses an app for specifically this purpose, with one function and one function only, developed by a group called “photo and video app.” The app is given the name Download Twitter Videos and despite its simple appearance, it still does a great job.

Once installed, the Next Step is for you to toggle the download settings that are inside the download Twitter videos app. You have the option to download in high or lower-quality formats. Choose the one you wish to download, and this will be applied each time you download a Twitter video.

Now, exit the app and open Twitter. Locate the tweet that holds the videos that you wish to download. Tap the “share” button and select “copy link to tweet.”

Then, exit twitter and launch the “download Twitter Videos App. Paste the link on the input bar. The video will get downloaded and saved to your library within the app. At this point, you can choose to store the video right inside the app or choose to export it to the local storage of your phone or upload the video to cloud storage services that you make use of.


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