How to Download Samsung TV Apps

How to Download Samsung TV Apps. If you happen to be an owner of the best Samsung TVs, you should be aware that you are not actually limited to just the default app selection that is shown on the dashboard when you decide to turn on your smart TV.

How to Download Samsung TV Apps

As a matter of fact, there’s a large range of apps that is available on Samsung Smart TVs, and installing them would only require just a little bit of navigation with your remote control.

And with South Korea now making preparation for its 2022 line-up of Samsung TVs, it is very great that you are aware of how you can install and manage new apps, especially when it comes to planning on purchasing new Samsung TVs later this year.

Initial Setup

Right before you can install any new apps on your Samsung smart TV, you can choose to first make sure the TV is connected to the internet. If you want to connect your TV’s settings menu, then head right to the Network section. Open Network Settings and then follow the steps be select your home’s router.

Select your router, and then enter your password, after that, you would have to wait for the TV to get connected to the internet. Once that has been finalized, you would be ready to install the apps.

How to Install Apps on your Samsung Smart TV

First, you would be required to, press the smart Hub or Guide button located on your Samsung TV remote. The location of this button usually varies when it comes to the Tv remote that you have, but if you happen to own a Samsung smart TV, either option would be offering you the smart Hub dashboard.

Next, make use of the arrows on your remote in other to navigate right to the app’s options, and choose that. You would be taken right to the Samsung TVs apps hub, which is where you would want to head to anytime you feel like downloading a new app.

How to locate Apps on Samsung TV

There are two main ways when it comes to searching for new apps on your Samsung smart TVs. You can choose to navigate right through the app’s hub via the provided submenus. There are other options to view different genres of apps, that includes types of apps and an Editor’s choice section that happens to highlight popular apps that might catch your interest.

Samsung TV App Search

You also can manually search for the apps by highlighting the magnifying glass icon located at the top of the screen. this would allow you to enter the name of an app to immediately be taken to its page.

You would be lucky enough to find many apps that are already installed on your Samsung TV, and these would get highlighted with an “installed” label on the app. If that’s not there, you would be required to install the app in other to view its content.

To simply do this, you can choose to select the app that you like, and on the next menu, select “install.” Next, you would be required to wait for the app to get installed on your TV. Wait times usually vary depending on the app’s file size and the speed of your internet connection. But in most cases, it should not actually take you too long as the app sizes are usually small.

Once you have installed the app, you would find a notification pop up on your smart TV. Next, you can choose to launch the app right there, or even choose to add it to your home screen which makes it a lot easier from your smart Hub home menu at the time of your choosing.


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