Watching Super Bowl 2022 on YouTube TV

Watching Super Bowl 2022 on YouTube TV. Sooner or later, the Super Bowl would be upon us, and unless one of us is lucky to have gotten a ticket to the show, you would most certainly want to find a reliable super Bowl Live Stream to watch at your home.

Watching Super Bowl 2022 on YouTube TV

One of the options to watch the Super Bowl is via your YouTube TV, Google’s TV service that offers great sports coverage alongside a whole host of national and local networks, Plus premium features like the unlimited DVR, wide device support, and three simultaneous streams.

Here, we would be running down whether YouTube Tv is a great choice for catching the super Bowl, how much it would set you back, and what other option you would be in possession of watching the biggest of big games.

Is Super Bowl 2022 on YouTube TV?

We would not be beating about the bust said the super Bowl 2022 on YouTube TV. The super bowl is being broadcast on NBC this year, and YouTube TV is the carrier of the network alongside the four ESPN channels MLB, NBA, NFL, ABC, CBS, Fox, HBO, and many more.

How Much Does the Superbowl Cost on YouTube TV

YouTube TV is not exactly the cheapest streaming service available, but you can currently sign up for $54.99 a month for the first three months, which is a decent saving of $30 overall. Right after that, you would be making a payment of $64.99 a month.

However, if you are interested in catching the super bowl, you can take advantage of YouTube TV’s 14-day free trial. All you need to do is sign up, claim your free trial, watch the big game, and if you do not fancy carrying on, you can choose to simply cancel your account.

Device Compatible with YouTube TV

With your YouTube TV account, you would be granted access to the Super Bowl on a much wider range of devices.

It remains available on your PC and Mac on your web browser, iOS, and Android tablets and smartphones, android Tv and most other smart TVs, Google Chromecast, Roku TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Tv, PS4, and the Xbox One and Series X. so it doesn’t matter the streaming service that you are making use of, you would most likely be able to access YouTube TV.

Where Else can we Gain Access to the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl would be broadcasting Live on NBC, meaning that any streaming service that happens to carry the network will be offered access to the super Bowl.

Cord-cutting alternative to catching the super Bowl on your YouTube TV includes Sling TV and FuboTV – both are offering free trials – AT&T, Hulu with Live Tv. Of course, if you happen to be in possession of a cable package that carries NBC you are already set.

Of the choices, sling TV happens to be the best bet if you want to keep the cost down, but true sports fanatics would achieve a lot just from Fubo TV’s Sport-centric channel list.


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