New Distraction Filtering App

New Distraction Filtering App. Only a few weeks into 2022 and were seeing plenty of new apps that are offering to solve your various problems in a novel way. Well to begin with, do you sometimes send reminders to yourself by text message? A new note-taking app with a chat interface would make it a little bit more convenient. Another app wants you to help stay focused by taking out distractions across all of your Apple devices.

New Distraction Filtering App

New Distraction Filtering App

The app was released for free on the play store on February 1 and it was created by Michael Tigas, ochi. You can get your hands on the pro version by making a monthly subscription of $3.99/ £3.49 / AU$4.99, or a yearly one for $19.99 / £17.99 / AU$21.99. also, you get to avoid any form of subscription fee by purchasing the pro version outright for the one-time price of $49.99 / £44.99 / AU$53.99.

This amazing new app would enable you to create filters for different apps and websites, so you don’t become distracted when you are working on finishing important work. Also, you can block out certain social media accounts, for example, preventing you from accessing some specific apps or associated webpages via Web browsers. Ochis allows you to select and choose the apps and the web pages that you would require to be silenced while you focus.

Using the App

It’s really easy for you to get distracted when you are making use of your smartphone, tablet, or computer. While Apple is in possession of its own features to assist with distractions – such as Do Not Disturb and relatively new Focus features in the iOS 15, which can help you hide apps and even change your home screen. Tigas’s plan was to build something that goes further.

Having used Ochi over the past few weeks, I’m reminded of an app that o used to call self-control, which was available on my old MacBook Air 2013 machine. Self-Control would automatically close the apps and block websites when I was focused on writing my college distraction.

But the Tigas app has been developed for the modern age, where you have multiple devices using the same account. If you create a filter that would help you block out Facebook on your iPhone, for example, that same block will carry over to your iPad or desktop iMac without any additional input from you.

Ochi on MacOS

And the design of the app that is available on iPhone and macOS is appealing, both simple and colorful, with useful widgets in other to enable filters or show you how much time remains before Ochi unblocks the apps and websites that you have specified.

Ochi also happens to show up in the menu bar on your macOS, so you easily pause the filtering if you need to gain access to any of the apps or sites that you have blocked.


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