Social Media Marketing Trends of 2022 You Shouldn’t Overlook

Social Media Marketing Trends of 2022 You Shouldn’t Overlook

Social Media Marketing Trends of 2022 You Shouldn’t Overlook. Because social media is so important in people’s lives, marketers and companies highly consider social media in the hopes of communicating with their target audiences. On the other side, social media is flooded with content, and the competition is severe.

Social Media Marketing Trends of 2022 You Shouldn't Overlook

It may be tough to stand out if you don’t have a great social media marketing strategy. Following the latest social media trends might help you re-energize your approach and set yourself out from the competition.

Here are the 7 amazing social media trends of 2022 that will help you drive better results from your social media marketing.

  • TikTok Will Continue Blooming
  • Social Commerce Gain More Focus
  • More Personalization Will Be Seen
  • Increased Usages of User-Generated Content
  • Social Listening Become a Key Factor
  • Influencer Marketing Still Reign
  • Social Audio Gain Pace

7 Social Media Marketing Trends 2022

TikTok Will Continue Blooming

TikTok surpassed one Billion subscribers in September of last year, making it the world’s seventh most popular social network.

This may not sound spectacular at first, but when you realize that TikTok’s user base rose by 45% in less than a year, it’s easy to see why TikTok is causing so much buzz in the marketing world.

According to Hootsuite’s Social Media Trends 2022 research, TikTok is also the leading search engine for short-form video content. Seeing these stats, it’s safe to put your bets on TikTok for your marketing.

Social Commerce Gain More Focus

In the US, over 5% of total eCommerce retail sales will be from social commerce by 2025. (Statista)

By 2023, 71% of small businesses plan to sell on social media platforms. (Statista)

It’s easy to see why social commerce has grown in popularity: it streamlines the purchasing process in general.

Customers would locate a product they liked on Instagram before having to visit a different website to complete the purchase before social shopping.

This additional step may make the buyers disinterested. This lack of interest is amplified on mobile, where cart abandonment rates are already high.

The social commerce boom was sparked by increased social media consumption during lockdowns.

More Personalization Will Be Seen

Businesses and marketers are taking advantage of the personalization trend in distributing social media ads.

Social networking platforms have begun to offer substantial targeting and personalization tools for advertisers.

These allow you to target the appropriate individuals with the right advertisements at the right time.

Personalization has advanced to the point where these social media platforms can now recognize your preferences.

They also offer you advertisements for similar items from several manufacturers. So, it’s wise to make your marketing strategies more personalized.

Marketing For You a social media marketing agency suggests increasing the personalization on all marketing platforms, not only social media.

Increased Usages of User-Generated Content

It’s not a new trend; nonetheless, it is one that will continue to be in trends in the coming days.

The only thing that has changed is the usage, with an increasing number of marketers turning to UGC.

For their social media content, some brands, such as Airbnb rely entirely on user-generated content.

You must consider user-generated content in your content strategy, no matter how you use it.

User-generated content is free and is characterized to be far more authentic than promotional, branded content. It will improve your brand image and make your brand appear more trustworthy.

So, if you haven’t incorporated user-generated content on your social media yet, now is the time to do so.

Social Listening Become a Key Factor

According to Hootsuite’s 2022 Social Media Trends, the majority of respondents believe that social listening has boosted the value of their company in the last year.

It’s being used by brands and marketers for a number of purposes. You can explore and analyze various things with social listening, from determining the effectiveness of a social media campaign to determining how people view a business.

As a result, most marketers and businesses’ social media strategies include social listening now!

Influencer Marketing Still Reign

Another social media trend that is gaining traction this year is influencer marketing. Content providers with big networks of followers are known as social media influencers.

Companies might sponsor these influencers or provide them with free things in exchange for their followers praising their brand.

Influencer marketing is expected to play a bigger role in many organizations’ social media marketing strategies in 2022.

Influencer marketing, unlike traditional paid content, takes use of followers’ parasocial ties and confidence in their favorite influencers.

So, influencer marketing is effective and will remain in trend in the coming years as well.

Social Audio Gain Pace

Since its debut in 2020, Clubhouse has grown in popularity. Twitter also launched “Spaces” for audio chatrooms. Furthermore, Facebook announced its Live Audio Rooms and podcasts.

More than 74% of businesses said they expect to invest in audio-only content in the coming year. (Hootsuite’s 2022 Social Media Trends Survey)

So, it’s wise to reach out to your audience through audio.

These are the 7 social media marketing trends that you’ll see this year and beyond. So, catch up with these trends and keep nurturing your business for optimum growth!


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