What Is Facebook Dating Lucky Pick

What is Facebook dating lucky pick? I bet you don’t know. Facebook dating lucky pick is one of the newest features on the Facebook dating service platform. and in the course of this post, I will be detailing to you everything you need to know regarding the new feature on the block.

What Is Facebook Dating Lucky Pick

What Is Facebook Dating Lucky Pick

Facebook dating recently added three new features to its service and platform. And of these three new features, lucky picks is one of them. The newly added features were detailed recently via a Twitter thread from Alexandru Voica from Facebook communications.

All of the newly added features to the service are variations of similar features offered by competitors in the online dating industry. All of these newly added features are great and very interesting to make use of. If you are familiar with online dating platforms, however, you may be used to them.

How Facebook Dating Lucky Picks Feature Works

The way this new Facebook dating feature works is very simple and straightforward. The future allows users to consider other users who have opted in to Facebook dating who also do not fit into their typical preferences.

And according to the Twitter thread, should be able to help these persons who have opted into the Facebook dating service who do not have hard and fast preferences have an opportunity to keep their options on the platform open.

In layman’s terms, the Facebook dating lucky picks feature allows users to match with other people that are not in their selected preferences. Normally Facebook only matches you with potential dates that fit into your preferences.

This means that you will not be matched with people that do not fit into your preferred choice. But with this feature, that very Facebook dating policy can be overridden. It’s that simple, and that’s how it works.

With the Facebook dating app still looking to expand its reach, the changes and new features such as the lucky picks feature are definite improvements.


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