What Is Facebook Dating Audio Dates Feature

What is Facebook dating audio dates feature? With the dating service of the social media platform getting a whole lot of attention these days, the service is doing everything in its platform to keep it this way.

What Is Facebook Dating Audio Dates Feature

What Is Facebook Dating Audio Dates Feature

Facebook dating service audio dates feature is one of the newest features on the dating service. This is not a desperate move by the platform, but rather a move to keep users more interested in the dating service and also provide users with more option order than the more traditional features a dating platform offers.

Audio dates feature on Facebook dating is one of three new dating features on the platform. And of the three newly added features of the dating service, audio dates is the most notable of them all. And from the name of the feature, you could easily tell everything that there is to the feature.

How the Audio Dates Feature On Facebook Dating Works

The way this new feature works is simple and straightforward. Anyone with an active profile on the dating service can easily understand this. The feature allows users on the platform who have matched with other users to easily and seamlessly send an invitation for a voice call. The feature is so effective that it can be accepted or rejected, whichever one the invited person chooses.

This new feature on the platform matches the experience on other platforms although some of these apps and platforms have advanced to video calls too. Will the video calls feature become to the service soon? This is something that users are yet to know, but hopefully, in the future, it materializes.

How to Access the Facebook Dating Audio Dates Feature

This is easy. And just like the other newly introduced features, it is only available to a handful of users at the moment. This means that you may still have a dating profile on the platform and still not be able to access or make use of the audio call feature. So if you are one of the few to have access to the feature, you may see the audio date icon on your dating profile. That’s all.


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