WhatsApp Web for iPhone – How to Use WhatsApp Web for iPhone

What we’ve all been waiting for – the WhatsApp Web for iPhone. All iPhone users seem to be amazed at this new update. Android and Windows devices have been enjoying this service ever since and now it’s time for iPhone users to celebrate as it is already made available for their operating system. Now, you can pair your iPhone with that of your desktop using the WhatsApp web browser.

WhatsApp Web for iPhone

Early this year, we’ve all been hoping for this release as Google Chrome got theirs this January. Fortunately, iPhone users can pair their personal computers with their devices using the app.

It has since been long for but due to Apple limitations, it couldn’t work out. Moreover, WhatsApp made it easy to run this service. By just scanning a specific QR Code, you are good to go.

How to Use WhatsApp Web for iPhone

Gone are the days when only android users would be enjoying the service of the WhatsApp web. With the service now made available for iPhone users, there is no other great excitement such as that.

Before you can’t pair the WhatsApp application with your desktop like android and windows phone but iPhone users have been given that privilege. So, here’s how to use WhatsApp Web on iPhone:

  • Go to http://web.whatsapp.com.
  • You will see a QR Code
  • Launch the WhatsApp application on your iPhone
  • Click on the ‘settings’ option
  • Go to WhatsApp web
  • Scan the QR Code on your desktop and that’s all

The service is activated immediately once the QR Code is scanned correctly. Then, you can start chatting, viewing status, and lots of other things with a larger view. Isn’t it awesome? With the desktop large screen, you get to enjoy a better experience like never before.

Why WhatsApp Web is not Working in iPhone

Deleting and re-installing the WhatsApp application on your device isn’t the solution to WhatsApp disconnection. It can be due to a bad network which is one great problem most especially if the network is not stable. It could also be caused by wrong settings on your iPhone or you having the old version of the app itself.

So, you need to check all these factors before deleting and reinstalling because most of the time you will end up still having the same problem while you have been charged for using data.

At times, restarting your phone can do a little trick as this helps to arrange every setting in order or better still you could turn and off your airplane mode. Afterward, you try the connection again making sure your roaming is turned off. These might help in fixing the issue. Moreover, you can go to the WhatsApp help Centre and lay your complaints if it still persists.

Can I have WhatsApp on 2 devices

2 devices? When WhatsApp permits you to connect up to four devices. These four devices can’t be connected at once. WhatsApp only gives you the permission of letting one device connect to your WhatsApp account one at a time. Moreover, the WhatsApp account needs to be registered and the new device linked to your phone.


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