Nintendo Finally Adds Bluetooth Audio to Switch

Follow me on this article let’s see if truly Nintendo has finally added Bluetooth audio to Switch. Well according to ExtremeTech, Nintendo has updated the Switch many times since its takeoff, just adding a minor feature here and there.

Nintendo Finally Adds Bluetooth Audio to Switch

The latest update, though, adds a big one. The Switch now has native support for Bluetooth audio, allowing you to pair your favorite headphones with the hybrid game console.

There are a few limitations, but it’s still great too (finally) to have the option. Even at launch, it seemed like the Switch should have been able to talk to your earbuds. After all, it uses Bluetooth to communicate with the controllers, and therein lies the first limitation.

You can only have two controllers paired with the Switch when using Bluetooth audio. The microphone on your device will go unused as well, but that’s not surprising as Nintendo Online barely supports voice chat at all.

Nintendo Finally Adds Bluetooth Audio to Switch

Still on Nintendo, adding Bluetooth audio to Switch. The Switch has a headphone jack, but it’s annoying to have the cable dangling in your way if you’ve got the Joy-Cons disconnected and are swinging them around.

Even before this update, it was possible to get wireless audio on the Switch but not without jumping through some hoops.

There were a number of tiny Bluetooth radios that plugged into the device’s USB-C port, but these could have spotty Bluetooth compatibility and wasted power on a second Bluetooth radio.

Things the Nintendo can do

According to THEVERGE, Switch can save up to 10 previously connected devices. So, reconnecting should be as simple as turning the headphones or earbuds on in close proximity to the Switch. It’s the same for the original Switch and the Lite. Presumably, the upcoming OLED Switch will function the same way.

That device will also have better-wired network support, as of this update. The console will be able to remain connected during sleep mode, allowing it to install updates while not in use. On current hardware, this is only possible with an adapter, but the OLED Switch’s dock will have an Ethernet port.

Why Your Nintendo Switch May Get Borked Even After Bluetooth Update

According to the changelog, the update also adds some features to make wired internet more useful. The Switch will be able to stay connected to the internet even in sleep mode if it’s hardwired in, seemingly either through an adapter or the built-in LAN port on the upcoming Nintendo Switch OLED dock.

Nintendo says that this will help the console download content while it’s asleep and that the feature will be on by default. And that you may also have to do firmware updates for the dock with the built-in LAN port. We shouldn’t expect those to be as exciting as this update though. You can get more details here.


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