How to Make your iPhone Louder

How to Make Your iPhone Louder. Tons of iPhones nowadays don’t come with bad speakers, but they are not the loudest available, and even if you are making use of headphones or external speakers you sometimes might find the volume not as loud as you would like. Well, if that is the case for you, expect how to make your iPhone louder in this article.

How to Make your iPhone Louder

How to make your iPhone Louder

There are tons of ways to make your iPhone louder, whether you have access to external speakers or not, so you can get more out of your music, Podcast, and other media. So, below are expected details on how to make your iPhone louder.

Turn off ‘Reduce Loud Sounds

Actually, Apple limits how loud your iPhone can get when you are making use of your headphones, but you can choose to disable this setting and give your buds some major upgrade when it comes to the volume.

The name of this setting is called the reduce loud sounds, and it’s a toggle that you can find in the settings> sounds & Haptics > Headphone Safety. Just turn this toggle off and that would be taken out. Alternatively, you can leave it on but you just have to adjust the upper limit, which defaults to about 85 decibels.

Adjust the Equalizer

Adjusting your phone’s equalizer (EQ) can actually affect how music sounds in a lot of ways, and that includes the volume, but the tweak that you would be required to make is not that obvious.

Head over to settings> music> EQ, and then select the ‘late Night’ mode. With that type of name, you would think it makes things sound more quiet, so as not to disturb anyone sleeping nearby. But the thing is it serves to raise the volume of quiet parts of songs.

Also, it does bring down the volume of loud parts, but the effect can still lead to your song sounding much louder at the end. Especially in the part that is most in need of a boost in volume.

Use an App

While Apple is offering you a couple of tools to boost the volume of your phone, app makers have come up with others, so downloading an app would definitely work out for you very well.

There’s a variety to select from, including Volume Booster, Max Volume Booster, and others, so check out those ones or probably browse the app store for other alternatives.

However, you are to be aware that those examples and tones of others charge a subscription so they are not free to use. As such they are to be considered as a last resort.

Volume Settings in Spotify

If you are making use of Spotify to listen to your Music, well Spotify has an option within the Spotify app that can increase the volume.

Head to Settings> Playback, and then find the volume level heading. Under that, tap on loud to increase the maximum volume of music playback. Well, you need to be aware that doing this can diminish the audio quality.


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