Fortnite Season 7 Map – Fortnite Season 7 Trailer

As we all know by now, Fortnite season 7 has arrived with a lot of interesting new updates to the map and concept. One of the most significant changes and upgrades to Fortnite is aliens coming to the island, bringing lots of major changes to the Fortnite island. Unlike the previous Fortnite seasons, this one seems to change almost the entire concept of the battle royale as a lot of things have been built around the island, giving Fortnite season 7 an insanely awesome map.

Fortnite Season 7 Map

This Fortnite new map eliminated almost everything concerning the primal season which was a great concept on season 6. Now, instead of the players seeing the primal concept, they would be amazed by the new extraterrestrial concept that Includes techs and alien lifeforms.

Fortnite Season 7 Map

With season 7 taking over, the Fortnite map has seen a very big change. One of the most notable changes to the island is a spire that was ripped out of the ground entirely, and the aftermath is an alien landscape left behind. Aside from this, another new location has been added to the map.

The new locations added to the island include; Sweaty sands have now been changed to believer beach. There is now a party town that is filled with alien’s celebration and lastly, a colossal crop has become a corny complex, a much larger area created for just agriculture, reminiscent of the frenzy farm.

Aside from that, several other points of interest have been included in the map, some new alien-themed landmarks have appeared on the island. The most noticeable of all these include the monitoring station that appeared to be a satellite dish pointed facing the sky. These dishes include Dinky Dish southeast of Craggy Cliffs, Discovery Dish west of Believer Beach, Dampy Dish southwest of Slurpy Swamp, Destined Dish southeast of Misty Meadows, and Dockside Dish West of Dirty Docks.

Fortnite Season 7 trailer

Fortnite Season comes with an amazing trailer, even much better than the last. The trailer features as you already know, an alien invasion. The trailer storyline features alone agent recruiting more Fortnite characters through time and space just to help in the fight against the aliens. The trailer is available on YouTube.


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