Microsoft Build 2022 Might Be Sharing Upcoming Windows Roadmap

Microsoft Build 2022 Might Be Sharing Upcoming Windows Roadmap, and trust me this is great. The date for Microsoft Build 2022 developers conference has been set, May 24-26, and decided, for the third year in a row, to make it entirely virtual.

Microsoft Build 2022 Might Be Sharing Upcoming Windows Roadmap

While Microsoft’s desktop operating system, windows, is often recognized as the star of the show, Microsoft Build is the Redmond, Washinton-based company’s chance to unveil updates right across a wide array of software products, services, and development tools.

Microsoft Build 2022 Might Be Sharing Upcoming Windows Roadmap

Also, there is usually a theme. At Microsoft Build 2021, it was about tech transformation and the responsibility technology has in shaping the future. Aside from “Design for Development” and “what’s next in tech,” The Microsoft Build site offers no hints concerning what to expect.

Though it actually outlines one change: market experiences for France, Germany, Latin America, and the United Kingdom. The FAQ goes straight into a tiny bit more detail explaining:

“New for this year, experience market-specific content and connection opportunities for France, Germany, Japan, Latin America, and the UK in Regional Spotlights. Microsoft Build Regional Spotlights will include but will not be limited to: Keynote analysis, trending news, and topics for specific regions to help break down what’s new and what it means to you.”

What About Windows 12?

For consumers, this would be their very first chance to learn about the next version of some of their best Microsoft products, including windows, office, and the Edge Browser. Developers would be offered the chance to get updates on C++, C#, Azure, and Visual Studio. Sometimes, Microsoft blends in forward-looking panels on bleeding edge technologies like the HoloLens (version 3?) and digital twins.

For what we would be expecting from windows 11 there are some speculations that we could get our glimpse of windows 12. We are aware that Windows 11 is not even up to a year old, but Microsoft’s platform update cadence might be quickening. Plus, whatever Microsoft chooses to show us now will likely be no more than a glimpse, with the full windows 12 launch easily more than a year away.

Even if we are yet to see that, the multi-day event would get packed with the windows 11 innovations and future feature promises.


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