Steam Deck Gets Xbox Cloud Gaming Support With Microsoft Edge

Steam Deck Gets Xbox Cloud Gaming Support With Microsoft Edge. The fully handheld PC called the Steam Deck has finally gotten to the hands of tons of gamers that have anticipated its gaming PC-on-the-go design, which has been compared to the Nintendo Switch severally.

Steam Deck Gets Xbox Cloud Gaming Support With Microsoft Edge

Steam Deck Gets Xbox Cloud Gaming Support With Microsoft Edge

The handheld gaming design was created by Valve, the owner of the PC gaming platform Steam – and the original creator of the “Half-Life” series of video games which have become greatly popularized over the last few decades. The Steam Deck was built for PC gamers that would Like to Play using their entire catalogs of steam games, whether they are laying it down on the couch or sitting right on the bus.

It’s an unexpected but pleasant surprise, then, to see Microsoft joining in with all of this steam Deck excitement as well, as now it offers Xbox Cloud gaming (Beta) that is available on every steam Deck that has gotten Microsoft Edge installed on it.

Xbox Cloud Gaming’s head of product and strategy, Catherine Gluckstein, took to Twitter on March 18 to give an announcement, stating, “We worked closely with our friends at the valve to offer support to the #Xcloud #XboxGamePass via Microsoft Edge browser for the Steam Deck console.”

Xbox Cloud Gaming Expands to handheld

On the 14 of March, the Xbox cloud gaming on iPad and iPhone received a boost in performance on mobile devices. This aligns with a trend that points toward making each of its massive libraries of streamable Xbox and PC games that is available to a far greater audience of users than all those who own the latest Xbox. More importantly, it means that you can now choose to theoretically play “Halo: Infinite” on a handheld device such as an iPad or, more pertinently, a brand-new Steam Deck.

Cloud gaming now is very much still a work-in-progress, however, and we do not recommend trying to play all of the games you have on the cloud unless you are in possession of a powerful connection. With that stated, advances in Wifi technology should make this more of a feasible way to play video games in the coming future.

The official Microsoft Support website possesses all the instructions to get Xbox Cloud gaming set up on your steam Deck, and Microsoft recommends that you plug in a keyboard and mouse into your steam Deck to get through its setup instructions as soon as you can. Alternatively, you can choose to follow the instructions provided by Edge community manager, MSFTMissy, who posted her very own set of instructions onto Reddit.


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