Valve Reveals Steam Deck Fix for Stick Drift

Valve Reveals Steam Deck Fix for Stick Drift. Right after the official launch of the steam Deck on the 25th, 2022, the first customer who ordered the device last summer has finally gotten his console. And it did not take long before the user took to Reddit to document what seem to be a “stick drift”.

Valve Reveals Steam Deck Fix for Stick Drift

The stick drift is a topic that’s has been the subject of heavy discussion lately thanks to it being an issue mainly recognized in Nintendo Switch Joy-cons. And now it seems the Deck has picked up the issue.

Just a day after the official launch of the steam deck, a user went to the steam Deck subreddit to show off an issue: stick drift. In a short video that was shared by the Reddit user Stihnnl, we can see the right thumbstick moved and the cursor kept on moving on its own. This is not a great start, especially for a device that users have only had just a few days with.

Steam Deck Stick Drift

Well thankfully, it seems like there is a quick fix for this problem, as Valve designer Lawrence Yang went on to Twitter that same day the issue was reported to explain that the stick drift was actually an issue with steam Deck’s system software that was fixed with just a simple software update. These software updates also were available that same day that the issue was initially reported.

“Hi all, a quick not on steam Deck Thumbsticks,” Yang stated in his tweet. “The team has looked right into the reported issues and it turns out to be a dead zone regression that came from a recent firmware update. We just shipped a fix to address the bug, so make sure you are up to date.”

Is The Steam Deck’s Thumbstick Drift Fixed by The Update

Following the update, the question here is that does it actually fix the steam Deck’s Thumbstick drift? According to The Verge, Stijnnl stated that the update did actually fix the issue, but made it harder to perform fine movements, something they reiterated in a follow-up Reddit comment. Two other users of Reddit to the verge of the patch fixed their problem.

Well, another user on, A_C_G_0_2, reports that they are still experiencing stick drift even after applying the update, but no video proof was provided of the problem happening. Also, they stated that through dead zone tweaks, they have been able to get the steam Deck to a perfectly playable state even though the right stick itself still seems to not be working fine.

So even though that firmware update seems to have actually done something to get the issue fixed, it also seems that it might have created more problems. Beyond that, at least one user claims to be having a drift post-update, so it’s possible that there are some issues that have to do with the hardware.


Well, we would see what occurs as more people get their hands on their steam Decks. At the moment, only some of them have reported the issue to determine if this widespread issue is one that might impact only a small amount of users.


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