Apple Car Anticipation might Have Gotten Suppliers Scrambled

Apple Car Anticipation might Have Gotten Suppliers Scrambled. The Anticipation for the Apple car is gathering right now, and Apple suppliers are scrambling to score some roles in the final production setup. As stated by DigiTimes, Two well-Known Suppliers, Foxconn, and Luxhsare precision happen to be among the candidates that apple work with while building its car.

Apple Car Anticipation might Have Gotten Suppliers Scrambled

Apple Car Anticipation might Have Gotten Suppliers Scrambled

The two companies made their pushes at the vehicle market, and Foxconn has a long-standing relationship with Apple being the best world’s largest iPhone Assembler. On the other end of the spectrum, luxshare helps with the manufacturing of AirPods and currently has an agreement opened with chery to build its electric vehicles. And as such, the two companies could be prime candidates for Apple’s automotive project.

At the moment, Apple is in good terms with the two companies, and considering that they both have forayed into the world of electric vehicles, it actually would mean something for apple to remain in partnerships that they have been nursing for years. But, if these new reports are anything to go by, Foxconn and luxshare actually would have a bit of work waiting for them.

Foxconn and Luxshare may not be the First Picks for the Apple car

Despite the fact that they have a history with Apple, DigiTimes stated that multiple sources have pointed towards Apple going with Hyundai Motor or Magna international as their basic manufacturer instead of Luxshare or Foxconn.

Magna International is based out of Canada, While Hyundai is based in South Korea. Such a business move actually would offer Apple manufacturers from both parts of the world. If in the end, this is true, it means Foxconn and Luxshare would try to find ways to get involved in the building of Apple’s upcoming car.

The major deal here is that Hyundai and Magna International are in possession of some key experience over Foxconn. So, While Foxconn has a rich history with Apple, Having a small experience in the EV market compared to others could hurt it in the long run.


This lack of experience might actually be mitigated, and these new reports seem to suggest that both wings before the Apple cargo into full production. According to several analysts, the car would be in production in the next few years, or probably in 2023 0r 2024.


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