Companies Hiring During COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, there’s been a lot of uncertainty around work. Many individuals have been asking if there are still companies that are hiring during COVID 19 virus outbreak. Well, yes, of course, there are companies hiring during COVID-19.

Companies Hiring During COVID-19


If you’re a job seeker and you’re still yet to make any progress on anyone, because you’ll there are no jobs, as I said, there are big companies out there that are still hiring even the during COVID 19 Pandemic.

There are actually a different variety of roles and job opportunities available. To most companies, now is the time they even need to fill in the vacancies. So if you have been wondering about Companies Hiring During COVID-19, then you’ve clicked on the right post.

Companies Hiring During COVID-19

The COVID 19 lockdown has impacted every aspect of our individual daily lives and work or jobs are actually no exceptions. It is during this time period that the demand for services and products has increased. And due to this surge, companies have created a need or demand for more workers.

There are lots of companies still hiring during this Coronavirus Pandemic and I will be discussing briefly some of the companies that are still hiring.

Companies Hiring During COVID-19

Here are some of the Companies that are still hiring during this COVID 19 pandemic;


Kroger is one of the marketplaces worldwide. The Kroger Family of companies believes that their people are their strength. The workers and founders of Kroger are different backgrounds and they have unique ex[eriences that link them together. Kroger is actually redefining the way individuals shop for groceries by providing almost anything from anywhere and at any time.

Individuals can store in their stores, pickup lanes, or automated delivery vehicles. This big marketplace is not just a traditional store for groceries. Kroger is leading. And yes, they are still offering interested individuals jobs during this pandemic.


This platform has actually dedicated itself to creating better and healthier popular over the world. And it’s done by developing a broad range of innovative products in the vaccine, pharmaceutical, and healthcare arenas. GSK boasts of operations in over 150 countries including 89 manufacturing sites and some R&D centers in the US, Belgium, and the UK.


Of course, Facebook is not a name in the market of social networking media. Actually, it is one of the biggest platforms with billions of users from across the globe. It allows users to share, connect, and communicate with love across the world.

The employees are Facebook are awesome builders at heart, in any field, whether they are working on new products or features or marketing tools on the platform. The team is working hard to solve problems and also working together to empower individuals in the world with a simple yet meaningful way to connect and meet new people.

Wells Fargo

Now, who doesn’t know Wells Fargo? It is one of the biggest historic banks that have been serving communities since the 1850s. This big name is one of the most admired banks in the world says “Fortune Magazine”. Wells Fargo offers a great extensive portfolio of insurance, mortgage, investment, consumer, banking, and others. And, yes, Wells Fargo is still hiring during this COVID 19 pandemic.


HealthFirst is actually the biggest not-for-profit health insurer located in New York. It offers members access to quality and affordable healthcare services. At this company’s centers, the employees there believe that having good health doesn’t start when you go into the doctor’s office. So they are very passionate about what they do and they are focused and dedicated to making a great difference in the lives of individuals.


When it comes to health technology, Philips is one of the leading companies that are focused on improving the healthy lives and well-being of people. Philips has been around over the years and has leveraged advanced technology, clinical and consumer insights to deliver solutions that are highly integrated.

It is actually leading when it comes to consumer health, diagnostic imaging, home care, patient monitoring, etc. That means their services are really great and currently they are still hiring people to work.


Amazon is a big and famous household in the world when it comes to shopping online. The new openings at Amazon include both full and part-time roles at delivery networks. Also, there are vacancies in fulfillment centers. This high surge is due to the number of individuals that are resorting to online means of shopping as a necessity during the COVID 19 Pandemic.


Prudential has been helping individuals and institutional customers from around the globe to archiver financial prosperity and also have peace of mind. The company does this by providing different services like life insurance, investment management, and also annuities. Being a large company that cares about its customers, and also their employees, they give their best. Prudential is still hiring new people in its company.


The major aim of Zynga is to connect individuals through the social gaming experience. Zynga is known as one of the world’s biggest and popular programs for games. They are the producers of FarmVille, Zynga Poker, Words with Friends, and many other entertaining yet educative games. Their games are played by different people from around the world every single day. There are some incredible job vacancies that are available for interested individuals.

Bowery Farming

This farming group grows high-quality produce at a scale in urban locations using lesser resources. At Bowery Farming, employees or staff have unique opportunities to actually find success at a business that aligns professional goals with interest.

The company is very passionate about and sustainability. Even during this COVID 19 pandemic, Bowery is hiring staff because there’s a high demand for farm products.

More Companies That Are Hiring During The COVID 19 Pandemic

It feels that the companies that I discussed above are the only ones that are hiring even in this period, well that’s not all. There are lots of Companies Hiring During COVID-19. Some of the companies include the following;

  • Spectrum
  • Charles Schwab
  • Siemens
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Ultimate Software
  • Squarespace
  • Unilever
  • Instacart
  • Clearlink
  • IGS
  • Baker Tilly
  • Lowes
  • Walgreens
  • Domino’s
  • CommonSpirit Company.
  • Pizza Hut.

Actually, there are far too many even though they are listed out here. The ones listed on this post are some of the companies that are still hiring if in this COVID 19 Pandemic. On a closing note please adhere to all the information on how to stay safe during this COVID- 19 outbreak and also how to stay safe at work during this COVID- 19 outbreak.


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