2021 – How can you make use of 2021 is a service that provides people with mail forwarding services. They supply a domestic United States address for international package delivery all over the world while attending to foreign nationals, international corporations, and avid international shoppers. 2021 2021:  How can you make use of

  • Acquire a MyUS address: Firstly, complete and submit the online registration and you will be allowed to start your shopping as soon as possible making use of your personal MyUS address. There are three membership options that customers can actually decide to make use of, they are the Single Package membership, premium membership, and the business membership respectively. You can read ahead in this article to:
    • Single Package Membership: This is meant for one-time shoppers. They can get discounted shipping rates and the goods will be delivered to them without delay.
    • Premium Membership: This package is actually the best for shoppers who get two or more shipments every year. They get to receive a free package consolidation and also benefit from 30-day free package storage.
    • Business Membership: This is the third package of membership. In this membership, if you spend more than $500 in a month on shipping, you are likely to earn an extra 10% off shipping rates and you also won’t have to pay for the membership fees of the following month.

Kindly be aware that if you have made up your mind to save while making use of the MyUS platform as a shopper, we will advise you to just go for the Premium membership package, this is partly because payments are always made by default for itself in just two shipments.


  • Begin to shop US online stores: This is the next step to take, you can shop for prominent brands and great deals, you can only have access to them from USA stores, these include Amazon, Gap, Ralph Lauren, Nordstrom, and 6 PM. It’s not a long process at all, just input your MyUS address at the checkout, and after doing this, all you have shopped for will be shipped and delivered to you and are most times with no charge to their USA facility.

MyUS Member Money Saving Tools

As a MyUS member, there are also several money-saving tools that you will have the access to, here are some of the below:

  • Various deals, discounts, and coupon codes are available for you to access online all through the week for 24 hours straight.
  • You also have the access to US sales tax-free shopping, this is due to the special tax-free status
  • Guides from inside to top US retailers, the latest deals, and also season offers.
  • Individual country guides with exchange rates and duty and tax information
  • Notifications via emails with carefully chosen product recommendations for your advantage.

Kindly take note that if you intend to shop with more than one US store with a single easy checkout, you don’t need to stress yourself, just use the MyUS Shopping extension and you can get started.


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